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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Coming Soon


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Is anybody else excited for this? I have mixed feelings.

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I JUST got Master Collection CS4 recently so I am not too thrilled with the fact that it will already be outdated. I think the upgrade price is a bit steep personally. I am probably going to wait for a deal on eBay.


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The big seller for me has to be that the suite has been built with hardware in mind. Im kind of glad as well, I remember the CS2>CS3 leap and it was nice having all those tasty new features but the hang-ups and crashes became almost unbearable (especially in AE).
By all accounts CS5 has been optimised for 64bit multi core systems, that is a huge bonus in itself (if you have x64) and RAM management is supposedly much much better, also Adobe have been working with Nvidia on this one to get the most out of the GPU.

Im tempted with this, Im not fussed for all the new bells and whistles but a rock solid high performance and stable application is invaluable. If it can increase production speed, render speed/previews and general workflow then that's a bonus in itself, nothing worse than hitting a button and thinking I should not of done that as you get the "this program is not responding" or spinning pizza for a nice 10 minute coffee break. sO yeah if they got rid of that then great.


Haters gonna hate.
I have The CS4 and am currently loving it, so I am a little annoyed that Adobe is pushing out CS5 as early as they are. But "coming soon" could mean in the next 6 months or even within the next year.

I will get it if the performance of the programs gets better. It needs to run faster.


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You can buy it now lol, they always make the next ones so quick. 6 will be out next month lol


Haters gonna hate.
Wow. I missed that. I won't be getting it at least until next year, then 10 will be out by then.