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Adobe Creative Suite 3 Coming Soon!


Secret Agent
Staff member
Anybody else looking forward to CS3?


I've been following the Adobe suites for a while now and might be making the jump soon.

I'd probably go with the Creative Suite 3 Design Premium edition.

I have to say ever since Adobe purchased Macromedia I think the company as a whole has become much better. For example, I've always preferred PhotoShop over anything Macromedia offered, but Flash and Dreamweaver were more important to me, so I never upgraded my version of PhotoShop. Now that they have been one company for a while, this will be my first purchase of the new "All Adobe" suites, but I'm looking forward to it because Acrobat and InDesign both come with it, two programs I've never had the chance to use due to originally being more of a Macromedia fan.

You gotta love Monopolies that keep the prices fair. I still don't know how Adobe was legally able to buy Macromedia but oh well. I think it's much better this way so I'm not going to be complaining. :D