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Can I have my rep back. I had 100%, but I asked for my thread to be locked becasue it was just turning into mean and now i have 50% rep...

Can I please have it back becasue it was ME who asked for it to be locked. :(

I feel bad with red rep


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50% rep is not bad at all....others have zero rep

Wait until members can actually neg you. Then maybe you'd enjoy having your 50% rep right now.


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My guess: she just moved to a new level, that's all. Whenever I move to a higher level my rep % gets lower (since the max rep you can now get is higher than what you have). The rep itself doesn't decrease, just the %.


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Ysabel is correct.

BG14 you can't get negged until you get over 100 post. So the only reason your rep has changed is because you went from level 1 to level 2, it has nothing to do with the thread you asked us to close.

For the time being you can only give out and receive positive reps till you reach your 100th post.
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Heh, you're not dumb, just keep up on the site's news and features.

That thread was just . . different than what we've had here before, barbie.