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As an ADHD patient, I can tell you that while it's a common disorder among children and adults, it is challenging to deal with for the person who has it. First of all, in society, it's usually looked at as the 'disease' that's given to brats that need an excuse to be what they are. That's not always true, and to be honest, I find it extremely offensive. Though nobody says it to my face, just to know people have that picture associated with ADHD makes my heart break. Secondly, just itself crushes you down. The hyperactivity isn't completely what I'm looking at here, either. If you read either one of those articles, the disorder often comes with depression and anxiety and stems just another problem. In fact, I think that's what causes the jitteriness that's the trademark of ADD. Basically, your mind is a buzz and if you try to take a hold on your jitters, you'll feel agitated to the point where it all just bursts out. You'll talk furiously, make judgments rashly and all this stuff that gets you in trouble and losing people that could have been friends. And they blame it on the parents; my mom. For me, that's the very reason why I am truly ashamed. She has done everything for our house, myself and my siblings, and all she does is get blamed for MY behavior that I couldn't help in the first place. Every single time I think of what I've caused her really gets the waterworks going, and mostly because there's no way in stopping myself independently.

By the way, just so you know, this is not me feeling sorry for myself. I'd like for people to acknowledge how it all feels, what ADHD really is and discuss a little.


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Sorry, couldn't help myself.

I've apparently got ADHD, but it hasn't affected me that much. In my mind anyway. Yes, I have a tendency to go fucking bananas at home (causing injury to myself by standing on something I don't notice and twisting my ankle), but I can keep it under control. Easier with age.


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I guess I just don't have experience with it because I've always felt ADD is a bullshit diagnosis, especially since kids are diagnosed most often. They're goddamned kids! Of course they're going to be rowdy and crazy. That's called being full of life!


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I am lucky not to have ADD or ADHD, but as for ADD, people judge kids to early in age with ADD, just like Constantine said.