Address for our winning bidder


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Hey everyone! Sorry I have not been on much the past couple days. I am trying to get these baseball cards I bought on ebay to sell!

I have heard from our winning bidder of the mystery boxes and if you can email me or pm me I will give you the address you need to send your box to, AFTER I get the money order.

She had this to say:

Dear babedoll71,

Oh I meant to ask ... my husband is having a cow can we have one more clue since it reached $600.00 lol ... also I would love if everyone could include their ebay names with their packages that way I can thank them all ... and thank you for this wonderful auction I hope it really helps this little boy.

Very nice lady! I gave her some more clues and i am sure she will be proud of her boxes!!!


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Oh I'm not goint to post her address on here! LOL I'll pm it to ya. Dont send anything out yet. I should get the money today or tomorrow. I will let you know when I do then you can send your package out.