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Adding Fiber to my Diet


I'm trying to add more fiber to my diet as thats one of the places where I really seem to be lacking.

Does anyone have some suggestions for me, ie supplements or delicious foods I could eat?


yellow 4!
Well, a good start would be to swap your ordinary pasta to wholemeal, and your ordinary rice to brown rice.
Other foods high in fibre are nuts, some cereals (be careful of that one), vegetables, fruit (including dry fruit).
Also, leave the skin on your potatoes. :)


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Like Bex posted, when I think of increasing fiber I just change my usual bread, rice and pasta (three things that usually appear in my meals) to whole wheat/brown. Then I buy baked beans. :)


Oh, poppycock.
Well, food seems to be covered. I mix benefiber into my drinks or cereal. It helps me.


Son of Liberty
Whole grains usually are the route I take to. That and I eat a ton of fiber infused oatmeals. If you like oatmeal I have to say its a really easy way to go. Cold or hot oatmeal is definitely hard to beat. And the cool thing about it is almost every flavor is good as long as you like oatmeal to start.


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Fiber one yogurts. Key Lime Pie is delicious also the Fiber One oats and chocolate granola bars.

Healthy and 35% fiber per bar.

Trust me you will notice.


still nobody's bitch
Make sure you add it gradually, Duke, and drink plenty of water, otherwise you will be terribly uncomfortable.


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Above all else I'd say that Kellogg's Raisin Bran is the way to go, That stuff has some serious fiber in it, and it's a cereal, so you win at both ends.