Adding co-workers on Networking Sites


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This is exactly why I hate social networking sites, and why it takes quite a bit of prompting to get me on one.

I would not add a coworker to my account. My business life is completely separate from my personal one, and all of my coworkers are so old that I doubt they're on FB anyway.


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I'd only add them for the same reasons I'd add anyone on a networking page of mine: if I cared enough to share personal information with them. If they're just some random person I just met, they can talk to me and learn about me rather than research me then hang out with me.


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none of my co-workers are computer savvy enough to even know about social networking sites. they are plumbers. however i have friended my boss's wife and daughter on FB.


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I have added a few coworkers....but only the ones I trust not to screw me over.

I'm pretty careful with the content that I post on my profiles, but you can never know what your friends might post to you.


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I have added a few former coworkers from past jobs to both MySpace and Facebook. We got along pretty good and often keep in contact. Right now at my current job only of my coworkers is on my Facebook friends' list. I work in a small division and I'm the youngest there at age 24. The guy that I'm friends with on Facebook is 32. I'm not sure if anyone else in the officer is on Facebook or MySpace. If they sent me requests I would add them.