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Sally Twit
Are you addicted to anything at this moment in time? If yes, why and have you thought about giving up/quitting?

If not, have you ever had any addictions? What made you decide to quit/give up your addiction?

I used to be addicted to nicotine when I was 14. I smoked for almost 2 years and I've always regretted it. I smoked because all my friends smoked and at the time I felt that it was the only way to fit in.
I don't think I even inhaled for the first few months.

I met my boyfriend when I was 15 and we were having a general conversation (before we got together) and he was saying how he found smoking to be disgusting. He said he wouldn't ever want to date a smoker.
Hearing those words gave me the motivation to quit because I really liked him. I wanted to do what I could to impress him. I still do. :lol:
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aka ginger warlock
I am not sure if I am technically addicted to nicotine as such. I am a smoker I won't deny it but I don't wake up craving a smoke. Some days when I don't see anyone I can go a whole day without having a smoke at all but if I am in work or around others who are smoking I will smoke, I don't blame them or work, thats just how it happens.


Right now I think I may be addicted to internet.

Well, not TOO addicted. Whenever I am out of the house, at school, shopping, spending a weekend away etc I hardly think about internet at all. When I am at home though I am almost always on my computer. It's bad.

I once got addicted to a drug called endone. A really strong pain killer with high levels of oxycodine. I was given it after a surgery and got hooked on the feeling I got when I had it. My Mum is a nurse and eventually noticed how much was missing when I was supposed to be back on just panadol. She took it away from me cold turkey, but I still think about it every now and then. I sometimes wonder when my next surgery will be and if I will get hooked on it again or not.


still nobody's bitch
Coffee. And there's no way I'd ever give it up unless it was putting my health at risk. I love my coffee and I love my coffee addiction. When I was sick last month, I didn't want any coffee and that made me sad because I wanted to want it. I only have to hear the word coffee and I want some.


I am addicted to the internet in general and precisely, GeneralForum.
Believe it or not, during the day, I can't wait for the internet to connect at work so that I can stay logged in here for like 1 hour. Then when I go home coming here is the first thing I do.
Every time I mention the word 'internet' I always think about this forum.
This is my latest addiction. Other than that I don't have any other addiction.
When I don't have internet access I am worried about not being able to log in here.

My colleague here at work says I'm weird. :lol:
I've told her about this forum. She finds all this a total nonsense but I don't care.


Registered Member
Yep, I am addicted to coffee. Love it! It comforts me and perks me up. I also am addicted to my computer. I play a game called Literati, visit GF, FB, and email. There was a time I was a huge cocaine and meth and marijuana user. But I quit on my own once the "need" for it's use was gone. So I guess I wasn't addicted. My dad and husband are both alcoholics. Thank God my husband has been sober for about 22 years now.


yellow 4!
I've never been addicted to drugs or anything like that. I think I have a semi-addictive personality so I'm cautious around that kind of thing. I remember when me and my friends were a lot younger we used to buy a pack of cigarettes and sit by the train station and smoke them just because we could. I stopped after the first few times of doing that cause I could feel myself getting too attached. Obviously I wasn't anywhere close to actually being addicted, lol, but psychologically I didn't want to be dependent whatsoever. So I completely stopped and never touched them again since (well, except just one time later on) for fear of becoming addicted.

I think I was once unhealthily addicted to the internet. I'd say nowadays I'm still somewhat addicted, but much more healthily. :D


Well-Known Member
I am not sure if I am technically addicted to nicotine as such. I am a smoker I won't deny it but I don't wake up craving a smoke. Some days when I don't see anyone I can go a whole day without having a smoke at all but if I am in work or around others who are smoking I will smoke, I don't blame them or work, thats just how it happens.
I know exactly what you mean. Around smokers, I smoke, on my own not so much, and I go for months at a time without smoking. It doesn't make me bitchy or whatever if I don't have any either. So, I wouldn't say i'm addicted to nicotine.

In fact, I don't think i'm addicted to anything in that I would have a hard time giving it up. I don't think I have an addictive personality at all. I mean, there was a good year when I was younger when I was snorting speed just to get through the day, then ecstasy for fun, then valium and weed just to get to sleep, but as soon as I got out of that environment I was fine. So, I guess it was more a habit and availability thing. I can't understand the idea of being addicted to something so much that you have to rely on it to do something.


needs practice
Ok, if you didn't know I'm unemployed (searching/interviewing! things are getting better, hopefully job will materialize in the next month) so I have a lot of free time. But I don't think my Internet use is any different than when I had my last internship, or when I was an undergraduate....
I'd say I'm on a computer maybe 6 to 7 hours a day off and on...is that addicted? I believe I am a normal guy, who just likes to be filled in and connected, is this classified as an addiction?

My other hours of the day include conversation, some video games, working out, preparing meals, watching an hour or two of TV. Would this be considered addiction? What is everyone elses Internet levels because I'd like to gauge it.


I'm addicted to soda, PS3 trophies and the internet.

I quit soda cold turkey, haven't earned a trophy in weeks and.... shit, still addicted to this damn internet. Haha.
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