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Addicted to the Internet? Don't let your parents find out...


The death of a teenage Internet addict allegedly beaten to death at a rehab camp in south China has triggered calls from medical experts for regulation on treatments for the problem. Deng Senshan died early Sunday after he was allegedly beaten by trainers at a rehabilitation camp in Guangxi region where his parents had sent him to cure his addiction, state media reports said.

The case triggered outrage on the Internet and medical experts Wednesday called for specific laws and regulations on the diagnosis and treatment of Internet addiction, the official Xinhua news agency reported.
"The market of Internet addiction treatment in China is in a total mess due to lack of diagnostic standards and treatment guidelines," Tao Ran, director of China's first Internet addiction clinic at Beijing's Military General Hospital, was quoted as saying.

"The government should end this as soon as possible," Tao said.
Tao regards Internet addiction as a disease which needs medical treatment rather than the "ineffective" military-style training used by some rehab centres.

"The tragedy is not accidental. Most rehab camps adopt military training, but many teenage Internet addicts cannot handle it well. Thus it comes with conflicts and violence," Tao said.

Tao suggested the health and education ministries and other departments should make joint efforts in the prevention and treatment of Internet addiction, Xinhua said.

"Internet addiction has become the biggest youth problem in China. It deserves wide public concern," Tao said.

China has the world's largest number of Internet users with 338 million -- more than the entire population of the United States.
More than 10 million of the country's 100 million teenage web surfers are Internet addicts, the China Daily said Tuesday, citing a survey by the China Youth Internet Association last year.
Source: Rehab death of China Internet addict concerns

In short: kid got sent to camp, got beaten and died. Internet addiction has become the biggest youth problem in China. China has 338+ million Internet users.

I wonder if I would have any violent outburst if the Internet was taken away from me... Hmm... Maybe it's better not to find out. ^_^


Boom Boom Pow!
This is a pretty horrible story.

Since the kid was there to cure his addiction they should be firm but fair. Sounds like they went way too far.


New Member
That is just crazy, but I can see it happening. You see some videos here and there that get posted were there are kids screaming and crying because of something to do with the internet.


I am the woolrus
I find it quite a coincidence though that there seems to be a particularly ridiculous amount of people diagnosed with "internet addiction" (1 out of 10 teenage internet user...?) in a country that tries to block everything on the internet that it doesn't agree with.

The chinese government sees the internet as a huge problem. They block sites related to freedom of speech, democracy, Tibet, Taiwan, Tianenmen Square.... The list goes on. So i don't think that they're taking these people away because they're worried about their well being and think they're spending too much time on the internet. I'd say it's more related to how they've been influenced by the internet. I mean as we can see, this a problem that somebody at a 'rehab clinic' thought it was worth beating someone to death for.


It's just stupid to beat someone to death, much less beat them up because they are or aren't addicted to the internet, that's just ridiculous and one can hope that'll be the last case ever.