Addicted to eBay


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I don't think of myself as "Addicted to eBay", more like "stuck with eBay" would be a better way to describe it. I honestly would love to be able to have as much success selling on other auction sites. If that were possible, then I wouldn't be limited to just their site. I've tried out Yahoo & Overstock & didn't have very much success on either one. I've checked out Amazon, but didn't see anything real promising on there either for the stuff that I have.

But when it comes to buying, I have bought alot off Yahoo & Overstock cuz I've found alot of stuff that is of interest for me will sell for a lot lower on those sites than on eBay. So I figure why not save money where I can!


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I just hope this kind of article doesn't give someone the bright (stupid) idea of suing eBay for enabling their addiction. I know that sounds dumb, but having worked for lawyers for about 6 years, you'd be amazed at the silly things people sue over and actually get companies to pay them off rather than go to court.

Actually, IMHO, lawyers are some of the worst offenders - heaven help you if you own a restaurant and a lawyer happens to slip on a wet floor, even if you have it marked with one of those yellow sign things. I know not all lawyers are slime, but I was constantly amazed by some of the stupid lawsuit stuff that came through the word processing center where I worked.

I don't consider myself an eBay addict at all. Maybe an addict to some of the things I collect, but not eBay. Wait, they're my supplier, at least they enable my supply ... arrrrggghhhh .... they are responsible. Where's my attorney? :sick:

I wouldn't say I am an eBay addict. Certainly not buying anyway. However I am an eBay selling junkie. I just love selling on eBay. My brother says I have a problem LOL, buy hey, there are much worse things to be addicted to.

Anyway, I just came across this post when looking for other places to sell on LOL, like Amazon and selling advice for it. Anyone got any pointers please? :lick:



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What's so good about Ebay anyway? There's only junk on it. Well from what I have seen.
I don't think of myself as "Addicted to eBay", more like "stuck with eBay" would be a better way to describe it.

Same here...there are no othere places to sell.


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I rarely use ebay usually it's more convenient for me to pick thing sup at the store so I'm certainly not addicted.
I used to be addicted to selling on eBay when i started. Ebay is still a nice platform to sell despite all the heavy changes. If you tried out different site, I still find eBay gives me the quickest result.

But the article is addiction to ebay buying, no?