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Fail Addict Enabling Sites (AKA Safe Injection Sites)


Not sure what the deal is South of the boarder, but up here, since the Liberals came to power, these enabling sites have been popping up everywhere. Major cities are putting these junky magnets in highly populated areas often near public venues like libraries, parks, and recreation sites. The result? Spaced out junkies, discarded needles, and crime are becoming commonplace in these areas and migrating out to neighboring regions. Junkies aren't just attracted to these places for clean needles, but because they feel they can practice their habit without consequence because there's people on hand ready to administer Naloxone should they get carried away and OD. Furthermore, addicts need no longer concern themselves with paying to get high as taxpayer funded drug dealers are more than happy to provide them with methadone at no cost and accept a kickback, er I mean commission for writing the prescription.

Since Naloxone is also available at public libraries and other public places addicts like to shoot up near these places also. The City has even had the nerve to suggest that the general public should educate themselves in recognizing and responding to the signs of an overdose since staff at shoot up sites and public buildings are overwhelmed. And while we are paying for these people to safely continue their habit, we're also paying for additional policing to deal with the increase in crime.

I've heard those on the far left of this subject suggest that if we didn't have these sites, addicts would be dying in droves in front of homes and businesses. Hmm. Before these sites sprang up everywhere I don't recall having to step over bodies on my way to the library. But I may now find myself having to step over used needles. So should we just let these people die from HIV from sharing needles or OD, yada yada? Well, frankly, yes. I, and everyone I know, has learned at a very young age that certain substances are extremely addictive and that addiction to opiates (and pills) will typically destroy a persons life in a very short time, and often their mind as well. While I may have some empathy for those who get hooked on prescribed painkillers after suffering an injury, those who have simply made a conscious choice to prioritize getting high over basically everything else have made their coffin and should lie in it. Why should I or anyone else be forced to pay for these people to continue their habit and avoid the consequences of their choices?

Since I realize that society on the whole won't share my Darwinian take on this issue, if we absolutely MUST help these people, then let us ACTUALLY help these people. Besides, there are those who the medical community has led down the road to addiction who actually deserve to be helped. So let's have dedicated large scale rehab centers located way off the beaten path which addicts can choose to sign up for and get a free ride to for a contractual period of time sufficient to get these people permanently off of opioids or at least make a damned concerted effort to. That I wouldn't mind my tax dollars supporting. Feeding their habit so doctors and pharmaceutical companies can make money, and attracting crime and the nastiest forms of litter to my neck of the woods, not so much.
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Free Spirit
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Kind of funny isn't it. Liberals make it easy to use illegal drugs and remain addicts but both sides go after doctors for prescribing pain killers to people that may need them. Not advocating for doctors to hand out pain killers like candy but I think the government is going overboard on going after doctors. I imagine some of the people that turned to illegal drugs are in pain and that is why illegal fentanyl form China use has went up resulting in the deaths of many.

My own husband could have used pain killers to make his last year of life bearable. He suffered from severe nerve damage from septic shock that kept him in pain, not talking about a little pain either, but because of the government keeping doctors running scared he couldn't get any pain killers.

How the CDC's opioid prescribing guideline is harming pain patients - STAT


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The problem can't be solved in the way you describe. The medical industry in the US is all about doctors pushing pharma on patients. Doctors get paid to prescribe certain drugs. Health care will only cover certain drugs.

I've been fighting a breathing issue for almost two years. The drug they want me to take cost, after insurance, $400-$500 a month. 1 drug. Diabetics have to choose to eat and pay rent or afford insulin - a drug that had its patent sold for $1 because the inventors thought scalping people was immoral.

We have an immoral health care system. it is broken.


I could go on all day about how broken the health care system is in Canada, and all week about how broken it is in the US, but I wanted to focus this thread on what to do about all the addicts on the streets. Since Naloxone kits have been made available at public buildings in cities across Canada, many of these buildings have become addict magnets and strung out addicts and their dangerous garbage are now being seen in abundance in places where it was previously not an issue. These shoot-up sites are also seeming to exacerbate the problem. It's even to the point now where addicts are organizing and demanding taxpayers pay for actual pharmaceutical grade heroine for them to shoot (as if our providing them methadone wasn't bad enough). Drug related crime is way, way up. I seriously hope the Conservatives put a lid on this shit when they take the reigns because this is disgusting. What we tolerate, we condone.