Add yourself to your buddy list?


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Let's say you've got yahoo instant messanger...

Do you have yourself added as a buddy on your list of friends? If so, why did you add yourself?

I have myself added on both yahoo and AIM. I first did it on AIM a long time ago because I liked to be able to check my profile and how long I had been online.
I always had myself on MSN, just because :dunno: I don't remember ever not, right from the beginning.

Never added my own account to yahoo messenger (which is the only IM I use any more, bar Skype sometimes) up until about 6 seconds ago. Now I feel like a loser all over again.


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I have myself added on msn. I did it so I could see what my display name looked like. I haven't done it for aim or yim though


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I've always had myself on my AIM buddy list. I guess I liked to be able to check how long I've been online. I'm on my YM buddy list too, but I don't remember adding myself. Does YM do that by default?


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I've never heard of this before, and I don't see the point of adding yourself to your own chatting service. Each their own I guess.


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I think it is kinda weird that you would add yourself, it's not like you talk to yourself, or do you? But yeah, whatever floats your boat I guess.


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Yes I have myself added on both my Yahoo account and my MSN account. I added my yahoo account to my MSN account so I could have convos with myself lolsaddo :shifteyes:

I added myself so I could see how I looked to other people on their list, I was curious.