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ADD meds and driving


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Alright, so as many of you know I have some psychological problems and this is one of them. I don't take meds for it because I hate ADD meds and think they can cause more problems than good in many cases. I also am not in school so see no point. I do know there are some though that can be taken as needed. I started driving again within the past a little over 6 months ago and do it rarely. I don't even have 2k miles on my car....

I'm questioning if I should talk to my psych doc about a med that can be taken as needed. I know some throw out that label randomly but I do have it. I do know I have to be extra careful but in the 6 months I have been driving I had a couple incidents that freaked me out as a result of my ADD. Like not being able to focus and almost running through red lights in 4 way intersections a couple times. I always did catch myself but it freaked me out when I noticed for a few moments I may have not even seen a red light. Should I talk to my doctor about maybe taking a short acting med while driving until I have been doing it for a while again and can maintain focus? I mean between my anxiety problems and the ADD driving can be a clusterfuck for me. It's not that I can't drive responsibly but sometimes the ADD and anxiety together have a negative impact on my focus.

So I want opinions, is it better to just keep being careful and aware of my problems for safety or should I see about throwing a short acting med in the mix for a while even though I'm not a fan of it?
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Some people are so against medications....saying they only fuck you up worse.
But in my opinion, some of those medications can help a person live a better life, if taken the right way.
I also believe tho, that some doctors are prescription happy and will write out a medical prescription faster than water running from a faucet.
I would say if driving is something you like to do and want to continue doing it more often, than I see no reason why you can't discuss it with your doctor and see about some meds that might help with your situation for a bit....good luck to you~


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You need to be taking some kind of meds if you want to drive! You've had a couple of incidents that freaked you out, but fuck sake man someone could have been killed! I'm not sure that there are short acting attention deficit drugs -they tend to be part of an ongoing process. I think you're going to have to weigh up whether you want to drive more than you want to be med free. Good luck! stay safe!


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ADD/ADHD meds are short-acting. But if you have a psychiatrist I would definitely talk to him/her about your driving issues because that sounds pretty extreme and dangerous to me.


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Yeah, I was hesitant to ask him because I think they contributed to some of the problems I do have when I took them at a younger age. My parents were big med pushers and I'm also one of those people that have negative reactions to many medications.

I mean, I was hesitant to ask because over time in most cases I've learned to handle it on my own without meds. The thing is that still being new to driving again I have run into a couple difficult situations. I don't think it's something I would need to be on for good but at least a short acting med until I get completely adjusted to driving again. For the most part I'm good about being aware of things that "could happen" but I think the ADD sometimes keeps me from focusing on specific task. For example, a deer jumped in front of my car a last month at night when I was going 55mph on the highway. I handled the situation perfectly and dodged it in the side lane. So it's not like I'm a complete maniac on the roads but sometimes I think my ADD and anxiety together cause an issue as mentioned before when I talked about the lights.

There are a lot of negatives I'm aware of with ADD drugs for me that's why I want a short acting if I do it. I only drive a couple times a week and sometimes not even that much. There are quite a few occasions the car sits for a week or more. I only use it to get to appointments and buy groceries. The only reason I even bought a car after not driving for so long is because I moved to a place where I need it to get to certain places.

I mean the light thing only happened twice in the 6 months. So I didn't fully realize how it was impacting me until the last incident. Anyway, thanks everyone.

This was probably a no brainier question in the first place. It's better to temporarily take a med even if it could harm me in some way in the long run than risk the life of myself or others.

I also believe tho, that some doctors are prescription happy and will write out a medical prescription faster than water running from a faucet.
Mine is not, I went through quite a few doctors before I found one the I agreed with when it comes to meds. He said said to me straight forward he would not push new meds but talk about them with me if I felt therapy alone was not helping and the long term goal is to not need them at all. So he is by no means a pill pusher, while I may have some issues I am by no means low functioning and had no problem speaking my mind to a couple of the doctors I checked out before him. In fact, one of the guys I saw before him spoke to me like a I was an idiot and judged my character based on my appearance to my face the moment I walked in his office. I told him he was arrogant and presumptuous on our first visit. He responded that he had credentials, and I said to him that is unfortunately the only thing he has going for him, then walked out. So yea, I don't like pill pushers or doctors that have superiority issues.
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As long as you don't snort them, you should be good. lol

I took Ritalin as a kid, and that shit really messed me up without even realizing it. I was anti social, not eating, really bad. Its one of the things I consider life changing, for me.

So I am against ADD/ADHD drugs, so I wouldn't suggest using them for anything. But if you would like, talk to your psychologist.