Ad space on my Casket!?


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OMG well that something I NEVER thought I would see on ebay! I wish him all the luck! Thanks for sharing that one!


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The auction is only good if he dies within the next 5 years? Will have to see what happens I guess.


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:lol: I thought this auction was diffrent & funny :lol: ....As long as the winner isn't Nikie. "JUST DO IT". sorry couldn't help it..Anyway good luck on the auction..

BTW : (trees) nice palm tree......The colors , such lovely colors! :cool:


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Well, thanks so much,Nightsurfer! I like to change my avatar every so often, I did it today because I got a tip that that stupid generic ebay one I was using was spelled wrong, ( thanks to who told me :)) I cant spell very well either, but anyway! Thanks I thought the "trees" kinda fit my name!