Ad for a guy to get a perminant tat on his penis!?


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Um so is he going to walk around NUDE all the time? Might end up spending all his money he makes bailing himself out of JAIL!!


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lol...i don't know what his actual advertising plans are...maybe he thinks he gets around enough for it to be profitable to the business....great spot of a condom company i guess...i don't think they'll want to bid though


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I don't think he's asking would hurt really bad...i have a tat and they really don't hurt if its in a non sensitive area...but there? Not like i have that exact equipment....but no way


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Hmmm not only a bit nuts (NO pun intended :D ) but a bit of a ego wouldn't you say?


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lol no kidding that would really be busting his .......u

or he will have to go to nudesit beach or somewhere to some that sort of stuff... who would be insane to buy that he can't show, maybe a porno film company or something like that....ouch just the thought make me cring and I am a female........ouch and double ouch
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Oh, it will definitely hurt, but nobody is going to pay that much money for something that most people are never going to see.