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Actors Hall of Fame


Registered Member
Putting aside the year, putting aside how many films a person has been in, putting aside how many oscars have been won who would you induct into your HoF? What films has the person been in to make you think "that there is a damn find actor or actress"?

My list would include the following:

Kevin Spacey - I have not seen every film that Spacey has been in but seeing him in American Beauty, 21, The Usual Suspects, recently House of Cards and even Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare make me think that he is an actor who has a good range and really has a presence.

Kevin Smith - another Kevin. Kevin Smith is Silent Bob. His career is short, he does very little and he is primarily a film maker over all but in all of Smiths film when he has beeen Silent Bob he is such a wonderful silent actor but when he does talk he is wonderful.

Alan Rickman - He is missed. He will not be missed. He is missed. Period. The film world in my humble opinion is sadder place without him. I have always said that Rickman is an actor where if you see his name on a poster there is going to be something. One of his finest roles I think most people would say was Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and to be fair he was very good in it but for me his best role was Snowcake, it is a somewhat unknown film but for me it was the best ever did.

There are more and I intend to return to this but who would make your list?