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Actionscript 3


Registered Member
Actionscript 3 is already out and in use by Adobe Flex. Flash 9 uses it too (I'm grabbing the preview release as I type).

New features include:

• full ECMAScript OOP compliance
• regular expressions
• E4X support

This could conceivably push Flash to the very forefront of Web Applications, ahead of Java and the Server-side languages like PHP.



Secret Agent
Staff member
I love the fact that regular expressions are added, however I still am questioning whether or not it will surpass other web applications just yet. After all, flash STILL cannot be read by search engines, let alone indexed or searched. Once somebody breaks through this barrier I believe flash will become more widely used.

The problem still, and the reason I rarely use flash is the fact that it's a client side application. There are still MANY people who do not have flash installed on their computer who will not be able to view flash files online.


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So Reverend... what is your assessment of the script so far?

Me... I hate FLASH and surf with it off. A majority of the time I see it, it is in for form of some stinky
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