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How do you guys deal with acne? If you still have some how do you deal with it? Do you use a special cream? Or you just let it be?

When I was younger I got pretty bad acne, I hated it I tried everything, and pretty much noting worked. It eventually went away, but I still have some today that pops up on my face, which is frustrating because I am 23 years old. But I have quite a few on my neck, but that's because I shave in my opinion.

How about you guys?


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I've never had bad acne and I don't have it now. *knocks on wood* I don't know why, but my skin is really clear. Not that I'm complaining. I love it lol


Oh, poppycock.
I used to have real bad acne. I'm pale so any little pimple or blemish is so noticeable. No cream works for me. I just have to wait it out.


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When I was younger I used to get pimples quite often, I noticed that a change in diet made a big difference. No creams or gels ever worked.

I occasionally get the odd blemish but nothing that concerns me.


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Never had it. The only place I would get it is on my shoulders oddly enough but it's in small amounts. I never got facial acne so I consider myself lucky.


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I have never really had acne.. I might get a zit once every couple of months... But I just let them be.. I don't really feel like creams work and popping them just leaves scars.. So, I just live with it..


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I have never suffered from acne in my life. Every so often I would get a spot but it would go away within a few days, I have really clear skin so it's never been a problem for me.


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Not really an issue for me, knock on wood. At most, if I have anything irritating on my face I just wash it with water. Sometimes thermal water has a better effect.


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I'm one of the lucky ones. All i've ever had is the occasional minor pimple here or there. My brother used to get acne really bad though, and sitting in direct sunlight seemed to help clear his up alot.