Acne/skin problems - WHAT WORKS FOR YOU?

Acne, seborreah, psoriasis, eczema - almsot all of us have issues with their skin. What problems do you have and what products have you had success with regarding these problems?

I myself suffer(ed) from acne, around 19 years until recently I started using a Dead Sea-based drying lotion by Lon Cosmetics and in the past few months I see dramatic improvement. Too early to say for sure, but I think it works.

What works for you?


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I've never had a problem with my skin. A few pimples here and there, but nothing that's been as horrendously noticeable as acne or any of the other things you listed. But when I got those zits, I'd just use those generic face wipes with aloe extract. Within a few days it'd be gone with no trace.


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I never had much of a problem with my skin either, just an occasional pimple or two. There's enough skin care products and medications out there these days to clear that stuff up, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem for anyone.


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acne is easy for me to keep nice and good looking.

1. eat a good diet low in greasy foods
2. keep face clean
3. work out (the only reason this helps is because you sweat a lot and get a whole bunch of junk out of your skin.)

well that's the way I do it, I am yet to find an acne formula that works for me so I just take those basic steps.


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I went on Amnesteem 2x to get rid of acne. Most people only have to go on it once. I didnt have bad acne but it was consistent.


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Actually, I don't really get bad acne. The most zits I'll get at a time is three, and usually they go away in 24 hours.

But I have really bad blackheads, but they are almost nonexsistent, as is my acne, with the help of St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It hurts if you rub too hard, but it takes all of the dirt, grime, and any dead skin off of your face. :nod:


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I am off clearsel and using Men's Nivea cream. It's making the face little bit better looking, no acne and soft.


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Nothing. I don't really have much of an acne problem, thankfully. And for some reason I'm allergic to most facial cleansing products. They make me break out in a really unsightly, itchy rash, and after it goes away, the skin peels off. It's really gross, and that's why I don't use any facial cleansers most of the time. The only facial soap that ever worked from me was an extremely light version of Neutrogena.