Achieving Musical Enlightment - The Long Hard Road to Hell


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Well this should be interesting. A brief history of my random music tastes (don't worry there is a point).

Basically I used to listen to a lot of mainstream s***, my favourite songs would almost always be in the Top 40. As a teenager I found myself at last drifting into the amazing world of Rock/Heavy Metal etc. I can't use exact genres like Progressive Rock or Industrial because I don't what they actually are.

The first majorly heavy band I liked was Trivium, the Ascendency Album was the greatest thing under the sun to me for a long time. Then came news of The Crusade being released. It was diabolical. Needless to say my tastes expanded, into lesser known bands. Dimmu Borgir, Blackstone Cherry, Amon Amarth, Lacuna Coil and obviously the amazing Disturbed.

It was a slow and ongoing change into subjective musical bliss and I'm always looking to expand my horizons even more. Any great bands you wanna suggest..

I love heavy music but to be honest I'm not a huge fan of overly Screamo stuff. If you want any guidelines here they are.. I'm a fan of:

Lacuna Coil
Dimmu Borgir
Amon Amarth
Bedlight for Blue Eyes
um.. yeah.

lol thank you for any suggestions


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Future Leaders of the World
Puddle of Mudd (their old stuff is the best)
Some of The Offspring