Accused of "denouncing" my heritage


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So yesterday, my step-sister, my step-mom and I were sitting in the car, and my mom was talking about some of the music that i listen to and how she doesnt like it. I mainly listen to, rock/metal/emo/screamo/ type of stuff. My step sister then tells my mom about how I said that I dont like to listen to hip hop, r&b and rap that much. I can stand it to some extent but overall I dont like it. My step-mom gets mad about this and she tells me that by not liking that kind of music I am dennouncing my heritage. Her statement makes no sense to me for two reasons:

1. She is being a hugh hypocrite because everyday she is the most racist person I know and every day she refuses to accept the fact that she is half white.

2. What does my taste in music have to do with how I feel about my heritage. In almost anything else, its like "yeah, i'm proud to be black" but then there are just some occasions that it's like "umm...and i'm supposed to support my race when they act like this". I'm not going to support music that only talks about sex, drugs, and money. Barely any of it talks about real things...its annoying.

Another point that she brought up is that i've changed over the past year. Its like last year I went to a school where I was 1 of two black kids in the whole school, and this year my school is about 90% white, 5% asian, 1% black, and 2% other.

I've been called an "oreo", "white" among so many other things by my family for the way that I act and for the way that I talk. I use different slang words than those in my family like "sweet" and "wicked". I actually talk with a boston accent. 95% of my friends are white.

Because I dont hang out with that many black people, according to my mom, thats another reason as to why I have "dennounced" my heritage.

I'm sick of race having to play a big part in everything. Its like why should race even have to matter, and why should it have define someone:confused:


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So . . in order to accept one's "blackness" . . you have to listen to rap and hip hop?

You have a racist family.
Im sorry if this offends you at all, but your mom is a bigot and i dont like her.

Im very sorry you had to put up with that illogic and idiocy


living on the border
So . . in order to accept one's "blackness" . . you have to listen to rap and hip hop?

You have a racist family.
I have a racist step-mother, my dad and everyone else is fine (if you take out me being called "White" and an "oreo"). It sucks, because its like the whole race thing really makes no sense to me. It shouldnt happen, but somehow it does.


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Its like why should race even have to matter, and why should it have define someone:confused:
Well, Red, I'd say that you are a tiny bit better off, intellectually speaking, that those around you. Trust me, it can be difficult to deal with. Try to appreciate that you are at a time when you are in fact defining who you are. Evidently, you are not one of the sheep. Suffice to say that it IS easier to be one of the herd, but when you go against the thinking of the herd, you have to expect consequences such as these.

You should hear the comments I get when I am listening to rock/scremo/industrial stuff. I simply like it. It is often highly amusing when derogatory comments are directed at me because of my musical tastes from people HALF my age, lol. Being a terrible singer, for example, Marilyn Manson is one of the few I can actually sing along with, lol. It certainly helps a distinguised "mature" man to get a seat on the bus, hehe.

*Imagines YmirGF bursting into song on a crowded bus*

"you threw your money in the pissing well
you do just what they tell you
REPENT, that's what I'm talking about
i shed the skin to feed the fake
REPENT, that's what I'm talking about"

I have always felt that those posts on buses just beg to be swung from!
Sure enough, seats become available nearby to wherever I am standing.
I digress. (Ahem) *blushes*

I guess, my best advice is the sooner you learn to EXPECT this kind of behavior in response to your own, the sooner you will find it to be less of a vexation. On this one, I know I am right.

Good Luck.
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If denouncing your heritage means not seeing people by the color of their skin, then I think you're doing alright. It sounds like your step-mom is racist.


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Thats a pretty big generalization, can you back that up with some evidence?
There probably isn't evidence, but it's a fair assumption if you think about it. Black history tells us of how threatening white people were to them. Blacks were degraded by society and told that they are dumb, incapable, and incoherent. It took years for slavery to be outlawed and more years for blacks to achieve civil rights equal to whites.

They were taught to hate themselves by another race with a different skin color who viewed and convinced them they were savages. It's unfair to assume all black people are racist in the offensive manner we tend to think of it. However, to say they are more aware of race and color may make sense.