Accused Cheater get's knife through the head and lives.


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I am pretty positive that it isn't fake as they have pictures in the article.

Accused Game Cheater Gets Knife Through Head and Survives - Counter-strike - Kotaku (contains some graphic pictures I guess).

From Kotaku:
An argument between Counter-Strike players at a Chinese net café over suspected use of a 'wallhack' cheat led to a 17-year-old boy being stabbed through the head with a foot-long knife - and living to tell the tale. (Graphic Photo)

Counter-Strike players in the Jilin province of China take cheating extremely seriously, as evidenced by the grievous wound suffered by one suspected cheater on March 16. The 17-year-old victim was suspected of using a hack that allowed him to see through walls, giving him an obvious benefit in the computerized game of hide and go kill each other.

A fight broke out outside the net café regarding the hack, and one assailant decided to do a little hacking of his own, stabbing large knife into the side of the cheater's head, the tip of the blade barely protruding from the other side

The boy, miraculously still conscious, was rushed to a nearby hospital. After around 10 hours of surgery, the knife was successful removed. The boy survived, but is under observation in case bits of rust - did we mention the blade was rusty? - flaked off inside his brain.

So how does someone survive a foot-long knife through the skull? According to doctors, the blade missed major arteries, which kept him from hemorrhaging, and managed to somehow avoid affecting motor skills even though the blade passed through areas that handle those functions.
My only response to this is this is one lucky man I never heard of anyone taking a knife to the head and still living. I'm also glad that I don't cheat in video games or live in China as I would never want something remotely close to this happening to me.


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The dude who did this is a total whackjob.
Yeah, you can get a shotgun blast at point blank range into your head, lose half your brain and still fully function.

True Story.
A dude in iraq was shot by an AK47 in the face and lived. Theirs a vid on youtube. I'm too lazy to look it up.
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While somewhat disturbing, I will admit I've seen worse video game related things.

I'm also content to hear the lad's fine, but I do have to wonder if his personality will change due to the wound...


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Wait so.. Was he doing the wall hack? Or was this all for nil?