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ACCOUNT THEFT! please read this...


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I don't know how long this has been going on but, lately I've seen it almost every night. Nekkid pics of women or deformed carcasses...weird crud. They get you to click in with these pics and you aren't taken to the listing. NO! You are instead taken to a sign in page. It looks just like the eBay sign in so you think you need to re-sign in. This is a spoof sign in page that enables the thief to steal your whole account! Now they can take your account and sell IN YOUR NAME to unsuspecting buyers who they will also scam.
If you do accidently fall for it...get your butt to your profile quick and change your password! Otherwise this thief will change it for you and you will have lost the account. I have been trying so hard to get eBay to keep a better watch out for this but get the same answer every time. "We don't have the resources to catch it every time." So, I sit there and try to get them as they come up but I'm usually on hold for about 20 mins before I can even bring it up with Safe Harbor. Then it takes them 10 more mins afterward to take it down. How many people get hi-jacked in this 30 mins? I don't know. How sad. Ok, sorry so long. But needed to get it out.:stare:


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Crooks will try almost anything to try to make money. This is just one of them. I am glad that you are turning them in. They need to be stopped.


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Thanks for pointing this out. I haven't seen any of these yet, but it's very good to know about!


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well, emabarassingly enough, it actually happened to me a bout a week ago. :-o Lucky for me I was chit-chatting on the phone with someone who knew what it was. :nod: I went immediately over to my profile and changed my password to....:shocked: then tattled to Safe Harbor.
The ones to watch for have buck nekkid women in gross poses and theres one that has a deformed looking corpse thing and says "the govt paid me 10000 for this" DON'T CLICK THESE listings.


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Hi all. There is a new one out there. You will get an email that states that you are abought to have a nonpaying feedback against you, and to respond within 7 days or negitive feedback will be left and charges taken out of your paypal. Here is a copy of the bogus email.

****eBay Unpaid Item Reminder: #8769766925****

Dear eBay Member:

skyempy3 has informed us that they have not yet received your payment for the following item:
19 FujiFilm 3.5'' Floppy Disks 2HD/Formatted/ w/labels - (#8769766925)

No action is being taken against your account at this time. However, it is important to remember that when you bid on or buy an item you are agreeing to a contract between you and the seller. If the situation isn't resolved within 7 days of this reminder, you may receive an Unpaid Item strike under eBay's Unpaid Item Policy.


If you don't respond by Mar-01-2006 you may receive an Unpaid Item strike.

Most Unpaid Item disputes can be resolved through direct communication between the buyer and seller, and we encourage you to work with your trading partner to reach a resolution.



I sent this to ebay, and they confirmed this is a fake..
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Good Boy! Surfer! And thanks for the tip!


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That one looks familiar. At the company I work for, I have had one of our customer accuse us of starting an unpaid item dispute against them, even though they had paid. Which we didn't do of course. It was a fake email.

When ever you receive something like this, you should always look up the item on eBay and see if you have bid on it. If you have not won that particular item then it is a fake.
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Here's one I recently received...

Karen XXXXX cancelled the following eBay money request:

Seller: Denise XXXXX (@yahoo.com)

Money Request Details

Amount: $27.50 USD
Shipping & Handling: $0.00 USD
Insurance: $1.20 USD

Total Amount: $28.70 USD


Item Information

eBay Item #: 2971760017
eBay Item Headline: Back Alley Fairy
eBay Item Quantity: 1
eBay Item Unit Value: $27.50 USD

To view updated details of this eBay money request, click on the
following link or copy and paste the link into your web browser:


Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team


NEVER give your password to anyone, including PayPal employees. Protect
yourself against fraudulent websites by opening a new web browser (e.g.
Internet Explorer or Netscape) and typing in the PayPal URL every time
you log in to your account.


PayPal Email ID PP301

This was an actual item I sold last year and the person who supposedly cancelled the transaction was an actual buyer from a different auction.
I let her know what was going on and forwarded the info to eBay and Paypal, both confirmed this was a fradulent email.
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Wow, looks like they just keep trying harder & harder to get your info. For me, I can usually see lil things in the email that differentiate it from an actual PayPal or eBay email. If I'm still questioning it, I hold the cursor over the 'link' and look at the bottom of the email to see what web addy it's showing. That will usually give it away right there. And, if all else fails, I forward it to [email protected] ebay/paypal.com & wait for a reply. They ALWAYS reply, & I have yet to have them reply back to me that it was an actual real email from them.


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yea my mom got an email that looked like it was from paypal the other day too. It had the item that she supposodly bought on Ebay. Some jewelry or something for $128. and then it went on to say, if you did not purchase this item click on this link...so on and so on. I am soooo glad that she emailed me to ask me what she should do. I told her to close her email and log into her paypal account and see if the transaction was actually there. Of course it wasn't there and it was a fake email, but I can see how that can scare some people and they will just click on the link because they didn't purchase it. I would imagine if you clicked on the link it would steal your password and stuff..

always have to be on alert for these things. :-/