Accepting Death as a Reality


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Do you accept death as a reality? I find it surprising how many people blank out even the very idea of death for fear of it, even though without death there could be no life.

So, anyway, I thought I'd poke around in the mind's of my fellow GF'ers and see how they feel about death. Are you scared if it? Do you accept it as the eventual inevitability it is? Or do you purposefully not think about it?


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Personally I try not to think about it but someway or another I will start to think about it. For example now I can't stop thinking about the possibilities. :s

I accept death and I accept the fact that after death there could be nothing. I may not be ready for death as I am only young and I would like to experience a lot more thing in the world but when the time comes it comes. Everything will happen for a reason in my eyes so when my time comes I will be waiting for it..


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Your born, you live and then you die, it's a fact of life. Everything eventually dies.
I am not fixated on death nor do I fear it. When it's my time to go I hope I go with my boots on.

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Yup. I accept death as, ironically, part of life.

Im not scared of it at all. There have been points in my life where I have Wanted death. So now I embrace it, and try to make every second of my life as happy as possible cause well.....who knows? I might die right after it. I have a very hippi-sh way when it comes to death. I wouldnt mind dying right now. No, really. Its not like I have lived my life and Im ready for death; it means Im not going to spend my entire life fearing something that will happen whether I want to or not.


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I see no reason to fear what i know will happen to me eventually,everything dies,i live day to day and enjoy my life as much as can!.


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Doesn't matter to me. I know once I'm dead I won't know it. It's the process of dying that I worry about.


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I personally fear death, always did probably always will. IF I die, I'll miss so many things that I do on a daily basis, except work that is. I personally don't accept death as of right now, and probably never will.


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I actually got to thinking about this with the life expectancy thing. If I expect to be alive to around 80... that means I've already lived 1 quarter of my life out. As fast as the last 20+ years have flown by... are the next 20 gonna be just as fast?

Death to me isnt something to fear. My beliefs are generally death friendly, not something to cry about so when it happens it happens. Im not gonna freak out about it. I'll live my life as I see to the most fullest and then I believe I can rest knowing I lived a solid life. Best case scenario I'll leave behind some sort of positive legacy, worst case scenario.....well no one will ever remember me hahaha.


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To me, I know death is all around us and eventually it will catch us when we're either expecting or not expecting it. We really have no control over it, so why fear it? Just go about your daily business and see what you can do to excel and make yourself satisfied. When that day does come when you die, at least you know you did something you liked before you kicked it.