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Accents You Hate


Do What Thou Wilt
What accents can you not stand to hear? Or one you just don't like?

I really can't stand to hear the thick French accent. I've always thought that it sounds like people speaking it are choking on their tongues. It just annoys the hell out of me.


Registered Member
Forced Boston accents.

I also don't like french accents. I don't really like some southern accents.. like the "HEY. We don't take kindly to people like you 'round here.." from South Park :p


still nobody's bitch
as long as they're real and not obviously fake, there are no accents that I hate.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Yeah I really do not "hate" any accents...I love hearing accents and other languages.

I guess the closest to "hate" would be Southern U.S....on the right girl, it can be really cute. I think it's unfortunately just been tied to some of the South's less pleasant qualities in the past century.


yellow 4!
I dunno, I love accents and I can't really think of many I hate... suppose the Indian one I'm not keen on. I can't tell the difference between regional dialects or anything, I'm just going off the general one I hear.


Creeping On You
There's none that I hate, just some that I find harder to understand. Asian accents are the hardest, but that's because their languages are so different. We have a lot different of sounds than them.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've always hated New York and Boston accents...for whatever reason. Its just an east hatred probably haha....I dunno.

Everything else is fine.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
New York, Boston, and Jersey are by far the worst. I also dislike midwestern accents (yes, I hate my own), and thick Canadian accents, though they do make me laugh.

Most international accents are pretty cool, and can especially be sexy with girls.


Registered Member
I think I"m going to top the ice on this. The vietnamese accent is very very horrible it bothers me, and I really don't get a long with Vietnamese people anyways. BUT the one accent that I can't keep a serious conversation with is the Indian accent. They just sound so FUNNY!!!