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Acapella Nintendo


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Apparently, this text editor wil automatically scrunch gaps in text. I tried to draw some ASCII Tetris blocks there, but they were smooshed.


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speaking of tetirs, does anyone play tetrinet 2?


it's tetris for the PC, and you can play up to 6 people. you also earn special blocks while you play to use on yourself or another person. examples of special blocks are:

clear 1 line [ from the bottom ], create random gaps, mutated pieces, switch fields [ screens ], etc.

if you're an avid player of tetris, you should check it out.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'll bet an experienced Tetris player can get some nice scores in that game.


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I should check that out. I love Tetris.


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I seen this a while ago on digg I believe. I think it's awesome and creative. Kudos to them.


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Can't see the video. It stops midway through. I can easily tell the first one because it's the general mario theme. I remember Dr. Mario tunes somewhat, so I'm guessing I'd recognize the second one, but I'll have to hear to be sure. Might try again.


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Actually, it stops 1/4 way through.

And also, I love the way they feel the need to preface it by calling it an "art piece" from Japan and actually asked for it to be received with an "open mind". Seriously... when is the day going to come when we all as a nation let down our inhibitions and just do what we feel? It's a VIDEO GAME TUNE. So what? God! :urp:


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00vega said:
Can't see the video. It stops midway through.
I just tried watching it too, and it stopped for me during the Mario tune. I wonder if that site it anti-mac. :(

I found it amuzing with the guy jumping around. I would gander he was trying to be Mario, but Mario never looked like that.