Abyss takes time off (April 29, 2007)

On the April 19th edition of iMPACT!, Abyss was brutally beaten by Team Cage in the final segment. Abyss will be off TNA TV for four-to-five weeks as he sells the beating. He won’t be wrestling at the May 13th Sacrifice PPV. Upon his return, he will be a babyface without James Mitchell by his side. Abyss gave Mitchell’s the Black Hole Slam on iMPACT! before Team Cage assaulted him in the ring.


#1 Spammer of FC
Sounds like a good plan for the guy. He has a great amount of talent and this is a good way to use it. He can sell a match really well and when it comes back he should turn face and have a good run with some fans behind him.