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Just got info for my 10 year High School Reunion.

I was kinda thrilled to get the info, until I read how much it was per person

72 per person before Oct 1

all that inclused is a Bio Book

After Oct 1, Its 82 dollars

And this event is being held at a Golf Resort right across the street from my work.

So basically, it would be $144 dollars for me ant the wife to go.


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I know what you mean...the last high school reunion was 120.00 per person because I guess they could not find a less expensive place to go.......

I could only go out for the DRINK night the night before.....I could not afford to go and my hubby too.........who plans these things anyway are they stupid!!!!????

We have lives and families.....can't be spending 240.00 for a one night thing.....and man if I did it would be the Casino hahahahah....not with a bunch of people I don't really know anymore....


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What ever happened to having Reunions at the School Gym? Or the dances and Proms for that matter? Seems if you don't have it at an expensive country club or the freakin' Queen Mary it just isn't good enough anymore? Are they trying to send a message that only wealthy peeps are welcome? It's such a hardship for families now just to do these things...shouldn't have to choose between Reunions or Prom and groceries & rent!
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I never went to mine...couldn't even tell ya what they wanted for it. All I remember is...I wasn't able to make it.


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That's NUTS! For that price there should be a meal and at least a partial open bar! I was part of doing my 15th (well actually 16th cuz the big shots didn't bother with the 15th so we did it ourselves a yr later) We had food/a nice place/DJ/free beer and soda (mixed drinks you had to pay for). Decorations etc etc. I can't remember what we had to charge for it (we did a yearbook kinda thing too but none of those dorky prizes or anything) but it was no where near what they are asking you to pay for what? Basically a building to hold it in? Of course that was 10 years ago. HEY! nobody did a 25th either! HOLY Sheeettt! Has it really been that long??????


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Ya, mines next year and the talks have already started. I got a questionaire to fill out back in March. 3 pages worth of stuff. Alot of it was from that classmates site and some other stuff should have come from a personals site.

One of the questions was 'how much would you be willing to pay in order to attend'
d)Nothing, I'm not planning to attend.
e)Price is not an option.

I'm not sure I want to see anyone from highschool. I run into them from time to time but, not sure if the reunion would be like...


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Just think if you lived out of state, Darth :( I would definetly expect some serious door prizes or something for 82 bucks a person. My brothers senior class sent out a questionairre before they sent out a price for the reunion. They were pretty organized about the whole thing and set the event place for how many people had planned on attending. As well as the price. I think he ended up paying 75 for he and his wife to go.

Now Im sitting here wondering if people who dropped out in their Junior year and got their GED would be invited to the reunion or are reunions only for graduating Seniors *whistles and walks over to the coffee pot*

Nanner, it's kinda funny how these things go up in price ya know? The class president and treasurer and alla those people are supposed to plan these things... these are the people who were voted most likely to succeed in life... So if the class president does very well in life, would s/he host prom or a reunion at the Ritz? Our prom was at a KOA Campground inside the rec center. I paid 50 dollars for a couples ticket plus dress and alla that good stuff. I think it ended up costing somewhere around 200 for one night.


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When I went to me 10th it was like everyone was back in school again. I just didn't get it.....after 10 years of life experience, everyone was still afraid to cross over to another group. All the shy people sat at a corner table, yacking away with each other, but never once mingling with the rest of us, the burn outs didn't even bother showing up, and those who were somewhere in between, spent the night trying to find somewhere to fit in. To me it was no big deal, the only difference was that noone had big hair anymore....took a while to recognize a few people! :lol:
It was still kind of nice to see the old gang!


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I"m with Iggy, I think if you made it that far you should be invited! LOL Whistleing along with Iggy.......

I went with James to his 10 year reunion, I dont remember what we paid either. It was at the country club, but then we live in a small town too, and we were broke all the time so it couldnt' have been that much. I must say though........(what happens at the class reunion STAYS at the class reunion!) LOL A few of us hung out after the party was over and WHOA! We had some fun! LOL So much in fact, I worked on Sunday mornings at a radio station and when I got up to go to work (which was about two hours after we got home) I had to call in sick. Wonder if my boss could tell i was DRUNK! LOL Shhheeesshhh


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my 5 year was held at the fair grounds (community building) and my 15th was held in one of my class mates air conditioned garage. You just needed to throw in a fiver for the booze, which I did not drink.

we just sat around, the alcoholics got drunk, the rest of us laughed about old times, showed pics of our kids and looked at old year books. I thought that's what reunions were about anyway. Later, we went into town and went to the bar (boring, too loud so no one could talk.. I never understood that concept).

It was all school reunion, so everyone that had ever graduated from my school (keep in mind, my grad class had like 55 kids in it), was invited to come back that year. So I also got to see ppl that I'd gone to school with even tho they weren't in my class. It was fun... more bang for less buck.

Our class made sure to track down ANYONE we'd gone to school with, even for a few months. A lot of kids that moved away in jr. high, or elem school came back. It was cool to see them again. Even if you did not graduate, you were invited.

In the end, I spent gas money (I didn't even give $$ for booze, cuz I didnt' have any lol.) I had just as much fun as if I'd gone to some stupid country club.... which even if I were a multi millionare, I wouldn't join on principle alone.