Absolutely Amazing Driving Skills


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So I was driving the other day and I had somebody film some stuff I did:

YouTube - Mad Driving Skills

By "I" I mean definitely somebody else.

This easily ranks within the top 5 most impressive videos I have ever seen on the internet if not top 3. The whole thing was just one impressive feat after another. Just when you think they can't top themselves it gets even better!

It will flat out leave you speechless.

I totally loved the part where they drove a car on two wheels AND changed the tire while driving.


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Oh now that was cool! I wanna go for a ride :D :lol:

The music sucked! :urp: :(

Thanks for sharing this. I wonder how I missed this one?


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That was awesome! I need to learn the side parking when I am in down town. The reverse parking would come in handy during Christmas shopping.


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That's pretty crazy, I won't be trying any of that anytime soon. I'd crash for sure.