Many of you may be familiar wit ht the ATI, anti drug adverts. I went to their site and read through their marijuana selection. I found a lot of vague untruths, and decided to deliever some angry mail!. I'd really like you guys to read through the site yourselves and tell me what you think. www.abovetheinfluence.com

I read your ads, and listened to advertisements. I learned about your site and became interested in what you guys had to say.
After browsing through your marijuana "facts", I began to sense significant amounts of bias. Many points - issued in the section with the bird cut outs - came off as exaggerations. I get the impression your basically telling me everything/anything against weed usage. I doubt most teens these days are naive enough to be swayed by a single prospective. Personally, "your" prospective on marijuana threw me off completely. I feel like you guys are just screaming "marijuana is bad! Don't smoke pot!" As a result I found my self in disbelief of everything on the site - although through further research, I learned some of which was true.
I'm not writting to badger you guys. However I'd like to suggest an alternative. Stating a bunch of cons, is just going to push teens away from yourselves. Others like myself may not be as willing to take what your saying into consideration through a second glance. Why not state the facts and leave opinions out of it. Give students the direct causes and effects, leaving all other information aside.
How long will the drug say in my system?
What direct affects will it have on my body?
How often are people addicted? How bad is that addiction?
Whats the punishment for being caught using the drug, by police?
What are direct, prooven scientific, comparisons between weed and other drugs?
How may weed use shorten our life spans?
It'd be really cool if you guys mentioned this pot head movement, to legalize the drug. Why would people want to do that? and if the drug is so bad.. why is this even an issue?

Although I agree with the over all idea - encouraging children to avoid drug use - I don't like your methods.

thank you,
[insert random name] age 17
Brooklyn, NYC
tell me whats up.


For a Free Scotland
I've found their campaign against drug usage to be ambiguous and unhelpful. Often their commercials simply state "Marijuana is bad, it will ruin your life". I think that teenagers are smarter than that and should be given more information to create their own opinion.
Not a very well put together site (hard to navigate, un-needed flash stuff, etc), not a very convincing message, not very likely to be effective. I think the points you bring up in your email are valid.