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About Us


New Member
Hello, we are Mike and Sherronda, a married couple living in Richmond, VA.

G'NELLE is our 11-year old daughter who has cerebral palsy, mild-to moderate retardation, and epilepsy.

DA SHELL is the 2nd-floor apartment that she currently lives in. Because my wife and I both have back problems, getting her up and down a flight of 20 steps is next to impossible. (She is unable to walk) Because of G'Nelle's shell, she cannot go outside, play in the sand, enjoy nature, or attend school (she does receive homebound instruction). She has no interaction with other children, and entertains herself with Barney, Blues Clues, and Sesame Street. We, as her parents, are sad because we want to BREAK G' NELLE OUTTA DA SHELL.

The other day "The Nutcracker" (an apartment complex) called and, because she was so moved by our plight, wanted to help BREAK G' NELLE OUTTA DA SHELL! The representative offered us a lovely first-floor apartment. Ordinarily, we would not have qualified for this apartment because of our credit problems. Having a chance to BREAK G' NELLE OUTTA DA SHELL is wonderful, but the catch is that the apartment complex can only hold the apartment for us until May 9.

Many blessings,

Mike and Sherronda


Registered Member
Welcome to the forums.

I am very sorry to hear about your plight. Hopefully someone can help you out. If you have any current auctions up, while you cannot post them yet, you can out your eBay name in your user CP and it will show people your auctions.


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welcome to the board
sorry to hear of your troubles but things will get better i hope you are able to take this appartment it would be great for your family goodluck and i have you and your family in my prayers


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It is nice to meet you and I too hope that your situation does get better! I would like to view your Auctions if you have any up! I'd be glad to get my friends to check them out also!

I know it seems sometimes that life just keeps beating you down. Sometimes you just have to look to God and ask him to help you because you can not carry on, on your own. I believe he will help you if you ask!!

Bless you and I will pray that you get the help you need!



Registered Member
I'm a little afraid that eBay won't like the "Donate now" in your auction title. You should take that off and make it very clear in your auction that people are buying a bumper sticker (or phone call). They don't take well to donation auctions. Pssstttt everyone else.....if you search for "BREAK G' NELLE OUTTA DA SHELL" on eBay I'll bet you'll find something..... :D

GOOD LUCK and welcome! Please keep us updated!