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About the referees...


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So we've heard about the appalling performance of Ovrebo in the last Champion's League game that sent Barcelona to meet Manchester in the finals.

As a consequence:

UEFA charges Drogba and Bosingwa for insulting the referee and making offensive comments, which is in breach of the principles of sportsmanship

Disciplinary proceedings have been also been initiated against Chelse for improper conduct of their players (and fans)

Abidal's appeal against his suspension (because of an alleged trip) has also been denied, which means he won't be playing with Barça in the finals. And since other key players are injured already this really affects their chances of beating Manchester.
I wonder why the referee, whose performance has come in for huge criticism, wasn't penalised. Is there a real procedure for overturning refereeing decisions and re evaluating referee calls? Now it makes me think again if only video refs were in place, perhaps some of these could have been avoided because they'd allot more time (and with proper footage) before making controversial decisions.


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It is ridiculous that they don't have the video referee in football yet.... BUT in a way i'm glad that they don't. I mean, it's hard to argue that the wrong decisions made by the referee and the chaos that followed in the Chelsea v Barcelona match was DAMN entertaining. With the video referee there's nobody to shout at and nobody to use as a scapegoat for your team's defeat :p

Yes it can make football messy and seem kind of behind the times.... But i love it!


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I did my job as badly as the referee did his that night then I would of been disciplined and even suspended indefinitely.

It was a disgrace and if the ref had of got it right on the night then there wouldn't have been any reprocussions that came about directly from the referees mistake.

Thankfully in the Premier League if a ref has a shocker he is almost certain to be disciplined.


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ysabel; said:
I wonder why the referee, whose performance has come in for huge criticism, wasn't penalised.
The problem when it comes to officially penalising the referee would come from the very nature of the job. At the time of the incidents he had to make a call and he did just that.

He has technically not done anything wrong in making a decision, even though the decision itself was wrong. We can all question and argue to why that decision was wrong but it was a decision none the less and as a referee he has to make these decisions, abide by his judgement and stick with them regardless of any player protests.

His ability to referee a high profile game should be scrutinized but the decisions he made should not.
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