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About Pointless Posting

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As some of you are already aware, GF has stricter rules on posting on forums outside of Sub-Talk.

Any post that closely ressembles what is more acceptable for Sub-Talk posting, and that which is posted in forums outside of Sub-Talk where posts do count, will more or less receive a warning/infraction or auto-deletion or both, to avoid turning GF into a giant Sub-Talk forum. Note that infractions are usually given not as a reflection of the "gravity" of offense, but simply because a previous warning has already been issued for the same type of offense, rendering warnings redundant.

Some examples of posts that could be classified as pointless/off-topic:

-attempts to overcome the character minimum liiiiiiike thiiiiiiis (whether you agree about the limit or not, post accordingly)
-posting a link and nothing to explain the link, or your own take on it (see policy #7 of the site's Rules and Privacy Policy)
-simply saying agree/disagree or "what she said" without adding other input or viewpoint nor explanation (besides, those phrases alone don't fulfill character requirement)
-responses that are better suited for report button use (click here to read more about its proper use)
-simple exclamations: that's great! that's wonderful! that's awesome! thanks! ok! etc. (mere exclamations - save it for reps, pms, vms)
-posts that are obviously off topic/derailing (see policy #1) - (could also either be deleted or moved into a separate thread)
-posting pictures without supporting text
-posting funnies without addressing the OP seriously
-conversations that turn the thread into simple chat log
-inappropriate use of gf rickroll (rules here)

Certain forums in the Lounge/Intro areas are more casual in nature and the tendency is more lenient moderation (on the other hand, Mature Discussion forums' tendency is for stricter moderation about this). However it doesn't mean you can simply treat those forums like Sub-Talk. If you also feel that a thread has potential for turning into a nonsense thread discussion, do not post sub-talkish replies until after it has been moved to Sub-Talk.

Feel free to contact any of the mods for clarification of individual cases or if you have doubts whether your post is acceptable or not.


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