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Is abortion morally justified?

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Registered Member
Abortion, in my mind is wrong. Before anyone replies with the mother's life being in danger argument, listen to this. According to National Statistics published by the AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center, roughly 97% of abortions are purely for convenience. A little less than 3% are due to other reasons, but usually because the baby is going to die before it is born. There is actually less than .5% of abortions performed to save the mother's life. I have no problem with that scenario. But, I think that abortion is wrong on many different levels. If you're going to screw around with having sex, then you might as well get used to the fact that you will be parenting children pretty soon. No method is 100% safe, except abstinance. Condoms, pills and patches are unreliable, and unfortunately, thousands die EVERY DAY worldwide, because of convenience abortions.


Registered Member
I agree. Feminazis complain about the importance of having a choice, but the choice comes before you take your pants off. You don't want kids, fine, use birth control and accept the fact that it might not work or just don't screw around.

As long as abortion is legal, I do, however, agree with stem cell research. Though one could argue that when the embryo is destroyed a life is taken, the possibilities of lives saved by results of the research outweigh the negatives.


Registered Member
there is just so much wrong with these debates i have read about Abortion in the past, Ill try to keep my reply short and sweet!

there are many reasons to get abortions... not just conveinence.
and I will use some of what Piano said.
1 mothers life is in danger
2 Child will be either handicapped or deformed
3 Rape victim

now those are few and far between, and the ones that Piano calls conveinent... just look at who the person is

if its a 16 year old kid who messed around and got pregnant, is it a conveinence for her to get a abortion... well I would rather see her have one... WHY? because you me and all the hard workers in this world will end up paying for this child to have life by the way of food stamps and W.I.C. (another free food program for Women . Infants . and Children) with the tax dollars we spend

now would you rather this girl have a abortion... or would you rather put your hard earned dollars into supporting a kid who isnt even yours?

now think of it this way
families get $150 per kid a month in foodstamps (and is almost always abused... i wish i could afford some of the stuff people on foodstamps buy)
for infints on W.I.C they get $100 in free formula a month, and some checks are jusr basics like cereal milk eggs and cheese (usually around 30 dollars a check there and usually get 3 or 4 of those a month)

Some familes get both of those programs.. so basically if you have 2 kids and one on the way as soon as that child is born that family gets $450 in free food money (foodstamps) and another almost $500 feom W.I.C, thats almost $1,000 a month..

I think some people out there should have there legs sewn shut to stop thing like this from happening, because as soon as they are about to lose there benifits... all they have to do is have another child and the state will support them again.... is that right... NO its not

you take abortion away... and there will be alot more kids out there on Foodstamps and W.I.C... kids who are not taken care of properly, and will probably end up in the same situation as there parents... using the state to feed there kids

there is just so much abuse in the system, that if you took abortions away from people will become alot worse.


Registered Member
Now I know this will make me sound really REALLY evil. But for all extencive purposes, I can honestly say I don't care either way. But I would like to, but this is an edgy topic. It can seem selfish, but at times also some parents for whatever reason, do not want someone of their family to give birth. I don't know why, kids are good, but no once can change it. It's wrong I know, but Askiri just cannot care until it hits me.:(

Master Windu

Registered Member
So what you're saying Samus, is that you would rather have human life be killed than to have your tax dollars go to supporting that child?

1. Mothers life in danger- Rare occurance, almost impossible with today's medical technology. Doctors would see any complications and head them off before they could arise.

2. Handicapped or deformed- If the parents are so vein that they would not want to take care of their child just because they think it would embarrassing, the parents should be the ones who are killed. My uncle is retarded and my grandparents never complained- nor did his 8 other brothers and sisters. A child is not just something that is to be taken care of- it is a beautiful manifestation of a couple's love.

If the family cannot take care of it financially, then they can put the child up for adoption. Heck, even if they don't want a handicapped child for the former reason they can adopt it. No reason to kill if you don't have to.

3. Rape- same applies here. Very rare occurance. Multiply the odds of a girl getting raped by the factor that there's only 3-4 days when that girl can get pregnant and being raped on that day. Its not the child's fault the woman was raped- who is she to kill it? Go through the term and adopt it if she doesn't want it.

The problem is our fucking culture. You NEVER heard about this in the 40's and early 50's. Abortion has been around for 30 years and there has only been an increase in teen pregnancies because if it.


Registered Member
I'm with Master Windu 100% on this one - if the mother IS going to die even christian doctors would do an abortion - but such is extremely rare and quite preventable nowdays.

As for rape, theres a chemical in the female body that runs through when in fear that makes conception through rape nearly impossible - but if it happens - how is the child at fault?

I used to be OK with abortion with cases of raope but thopse 2 facts changed my mind on it.

ANYTHING else is just sick.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I believe that abortion, in most forms, is wrong. I do agree that it is murder, and the taking of one's life. But my main opinion on it is that the parents have to fess up and realize that if they fuck, they're risking having a child. It is wrong to deny life to a child simply becasue you weren't ready for a kid. What if Lincon's parents decided that they weren't ready for a kid?

I do agree that abortion is somewhat decent in the cases of rape and/or the mother's/child's life is already in danger.


Registered Member
everyone will believe what they want... and i believe its a womans choice... its not something i would ever go for... cept in the case of my wife's life being in danger... if it came to it... my wife comes first

Multiply the odds of a girl getting raped by the factor that there's only 3-4 days when that girl can get pregnant and being raped on that day.
If you actually believe that you are really nieve, the only time a woman CAN NOT get pregnant is when she is on her period, and thats only for the first few days of said period. by the end of that week the chances get higher and higher that a woman can get pregnant on her period. Then there are some women who dont have periods (like my wife) if she wasnt on the shot she would be a human breeding machine, a possibilty of her getting pregnant every time we would have sex

and remember a woman doesnt have to have a orgasm to become pregnant, and the fear thing is just totally laughable :laugh:

BTW where did you get this information, because they really need a slap upside the head


Registered Member
This will be short and sweet.

My little sister is adopted, and I love her with all my heart. She is one of the greatest joys to both me and my parents. I shudder to think of what life would be like without her. I can't imagine what would have happened if the woman who birthed her had decided to get an abortion. Believe me, there are thousands if not millions of couples who can't have children or who could in the past but now can't, etc. Any one of these families would love to have a child, and I really don't think you guys know anything about the subject of adoption unless you or a close family member or friend is adopted. It really is an awesome thing.


Registered Member
I can understand that Piano, and that is a very viable option for some, I myself have a few friends who were adopted, but not from birth, tragedies orrured in there families

I am not for someone doing it out of convience, but to ask a rape victim to carry a child that was a result of something tragic tht happened to her... I couldnt tell her that she had to have this child and if she didnt want it to give it up for adoption

It was a horror for her once to have to live through the pain of a rape, but then to make her suffer even more with the reminder of that rape through a child is worse.

I could go into other scenarios, but I think that would give an idea as to the way I think. Overall its the mothers right to chose, and some people do make dumb mistakes.

Remember there are alot of people who need to be removed from the gene pool because they are that stupid