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Dead horse topic, I know. But I'm curious of peoples views. Not looking for a debate, cause we all know that nothing's going to come of that except for unrelented frustration due to the other person not "getting" it.

I see it like this. You cant be in a gray area when it comes to abortion. Either you're for it, or your're againstit.

"OH BUT WHAT ABOUT RAPE AND INCEST?!!!111eleventyone" Then you're fucking FOR abortion. All the way or none of it.

Personally, I'm very much for abortion. I don't believe it should be used as a conrtaceptive, but it still serves it's purpose.


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I'm prochoice. While I myself would never use it unless I was raped, I still think that women should have a choice.


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I think it's wrong and a bad decision stemming from another bad one. If you weren't ready for a child, you shouldn't have had sex.

However, I believe that women have the right to choose what happens to their bodies (the father too if he was a consensual participant, this is 50/50 afterall). That being said, I may dislike abortion, but that's no reason to deny people the right to their own bodies.
I wouldn't condemn a woman for making the choice to have an abortion, but I would never have one myself.


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I agree that it is a bad choice stemmed from another bad choice, but I am 100% completely pro-choice. I think it is silly to have sex if you can't handle getting pregnant, but then again I sometimes think that if I got put in a really bad situation that I would want the option. I don't think you should go out and do it for recreation, but I think there are cases where it is the best option.


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I have to say that I hate the line "If you aren't ready for a child, don't have sex." Good on paper, but I really couldn't handle having a completely verbal, non physical, relationship.
yeah i hate when people say that its a bad descision that comes from another bad descision because sometimes its not a descision at all.....

im against abortions just because you dont want a kid. i think it is only acceptible in situations of rape and/or molestation just because its hard enough to move on from it but to then have a little living reminder every day... that would be to hard.


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I'm very much for abortion. I don't believe it should be used as a conrtaceptive, but it still serves it's purpose
That's more or less my outlook on it... Excusing the typo ofcourse :p
Although After actually having one, I don't think I could put myself through that again. I also don't approve of the season ticket holders of the clinic. I have no time for people who think they can do it over and over again just because they can.