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  1. Amy_Louise913

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    This is a topic I feel very strongly about. May I add this is not due to personal issues or religion. I feel that life begins at conception & that arbortion=murder. I also believe that it takes 2 people to get awoman pregnant & if neither of them are smart enough to use contraception then they should have to accept the responsibility for their actions. Both genders are able to say NO but many don't. However, I do believe it is acceptable if the woman has been raped & it is too traumatic for her, having the baby is going to endanger its or the mother's health or if the baby has a disability (e.g. spina bifida) & the parents couldn't cope. Reasons that are not acceptable are like I don't want it or he forgot to wear a condom.

  2. Hiei

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    I agree that abortion shouldn't be used as birth control. But other than that, unless the quality of life is minimal, I don't believe in abortion.

    Even in cases of rape, it's not the childs fault that some guy blew his load into the mothers womb forcefully. It being a constant reminder of that one night is just something she'd have to deal with.
  3. Merc

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    I don't like abortion at all, it just feels wrong to me. However, I believe a woman has a choice to do what she wants with her body and to say that in those first two months that she can't get an abortion is wrong. The government has no place in the uterus.

    If someone is raped, they deserve to be allowed the use of abortion.

    I'm definitely against abortion as a contraceptive because not only is it a way to ignore personal responsibility, but it's very dangerous to the woman, too.
  4. AngelsPeak

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    I could have taken the abortion route with my oldest daughter, in fact it was not only offered to me, but quite a few people thought I was an idiot for having her. I knew then, just like I do now that I could have never lived with myself had I murdered my own child.
    I think every woman has the right to do what she wants with her body, but I really would have a hard time understanding why someone would have an abortion because it wasn't a convenient time for a baby.
    Rape falls into a totally different category, the woman wasn't a willing partner and it wouldn't be fair to expect her to carry the child.
  5. Amy_Louise913

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    I have to say this is getting some good feedback from both genders which is interesting that guys feel strongly about a woman's issue too. I have to say that 'The government have no place in the uterus' was a fabulous statement. The other feedback is great too.
  6. mist3r_j3sus

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    My wife aborted our first child and we felt really bad about it and went for a second child and we are happy with him. It really shouldn't be up to anyone but the couple on whether or not they should perform an abortion.
  7. AngelsPeak

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    The decision isn't "up" to anyone else, but everyone else will have their own opinions on the subject.
  8. kiwi

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    I am strongly against abortion and the only time I would ever consider it or think it's ok is if the mother's life is at risk. If there was a high probability I would die if I carried the baby to term, I'd have a really hard time deciding what to do since I already have 3 children that need me and would be left without a mother if I died.

    Even if the child was disabled in any way I would still have them and make their life's the best I could.
  9. Major

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    I only support abortions in cases of rape or if the mother's life is in danger. But I still think women should have the right to decide for themselves.
  10. ysabel

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    It must be very hard to be in a position where you have to consider abortion. I wouldn't want to be there. In principle, I'm totally against it, but I don't know if I'm put in a position where I'd feel I had to... I find it hard to understand though how some can use it as main birth control method and with out an ounce of remorse.

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