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Discuss Abortion: The Proper Pro-Life Response


From the beginning of this hotly contested debate there have been two points of view that have risen to the top. The perspective that abortion should be outlawed in the interest of preserving the lives of the world's most innocent and vulnerable demographic, and the perspective that abortion should be legal so that unexpectedly pregnant women aren't forced to risk their health or face the emotional alienation, lack of financial support, and other challenges that they would face by carrying the legally undefined entity to term.

Now I propose that there is a 3rd perspective. But before I get to it, I'd just like to state my views about the rights of the unborn. I may not have by any means the most glorious life, but I love life none the less. I have had countless opportunities, many taken advantage of, and many more not, but I have known what it is to love and to be loved by others. I have known the beauty and wonder of the world (and Universe) around me, both through personal experience and the marvels of science. I've come to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, have formed great friendships, and enjoyed helping others when and where I can. And I've been blessed to live in an age of technology that has allowed me to vividly explore the imaginations of others through TV and cinema. I love life for all these reasons and more and if I had known when I was not yet born what I know now and had the means to express my thoughts, I would do everything I could to quell any doubts that might have at any point existed as to whether or not I should be permitted to have those opportunities.

As far as I am concerned, if something has human DNA, a heartbeat, and a functioning brain (at any level) it is a living human being whose journey of life has already begun and we, as a society, have a moral prerogative to make every effort to ensure he or she has every possible opportunity to continue that journey, but not to the total exclusion of the needs of his or her mother. And therein lies the third perspective.

I solidly believe though that there is a growing apathy toward the unborn, a sense that until a child is born, it is inconsequential. And I believe that the rate of abortion would be much, much lower across the board if A> this perspective was not so broadly promoted by certain pro-choice groups, B> the opposite perspective were better represented by pro-life groups, and most importantly, C> emotional and financial support systems were given as high a social priority for these pregnant women as making it more accessible to exterminate their offspring. I can't help but feel that the majority of abortions occur because unexpectedly pregnant women recognize that there is no support for them to make any other choice.

I advocate for consideration of the unborn as a human being who deserves every possible opportunity to live and grow up. Yes, there are risks to pregnancy, and those should be weighed also, but the life of the unborn should carry a great deal of weight as well. No, I don't expect someone who has become pregnant by accident to necessarily dedicate nearly 20 years of their life to raising a child they didn't really want to begin with. But given the potential this human being has to become a valued member of society, to have friends, to be loved by adoptive parents, to have a meaningful future, an investment of 9 months, and the relatively low risks associated with it, is not, by comparison, unworthy of very serious consideration.

The law allowing abortion has to be there. If it wasn't, people would just do things using illegal and likely more risky means, or go somewhere where the laws are different to get things done. But for some, legality and morality are synonymous and I would encourage those folks to reconsider for the reasons stated above. More importantly though, I think that as a society, we're dropping the ball when it comes to providing services for those who have become unintentionally pregnant, but want to enrich the world and the lives of some childless couple with a new person. Many women make their way to abortion clinics because they feel socially alone and overwhelmed. All too often, they are right, they are entirely on their own and even people who should be in their corner will in many cases jump ship.

If we provide for making abortion services readily available and accessible, we should do the same for counseling services for unexpected mothers and targeted financial aid for early parenthood for unplanned pregnancies or adoptive parents of children born from such circumstances. I know there's more than a few women who have chosen to keep and even raise their accidental child who have felt the challenges have also come with great rewards and who do not regret their decision despite the difficulties that came along with it. I'd like to see it become easier for women to choose life. I'd like to change common attitudes regarding the significance of human life. And yes, through taxes, I'd be more than happy to contribute to the former. Women are under a lot of pressure to choose the shorter, and yes safer path, but that pressure is mostly due to a lack of support for choosing the other path.

I am pro-life, but being pro-life doesn't necessarily have to involve being in favor for outlawing abortion. Attempting to force pregnant women to carry to term is not going to do anything to change their minds about the perceived necessity of doing the opposite. The majority of the pro-life community is taking an ill-conceived approach in that regard. What needs to happen is advocacy for governmental support for unexpected mothers and promotion of the pro-life perspective on the value of human life and the fact that it begins shortly after conception. It is through these types of efforts that women who find themselves in this very difficult situation can feel they have the support they need to give their unborn child a chance to continue the journey of life he or she has already begun. Condemning women for being backed into a corner is going to do nothing to lower abortion rates. Compassion and support is the road to supporting pro-life priorities.

On another note, it has also come to my attention just out of hand the issue of teen pregnancies has become. Much, much more needs to be done to prevent teen pregnancies to begin with through better education and easier access to contraception. An ounce of prevention as the saying goes.


not a plastic bag
Well said! I would also gladly pay taxes to fund education and adoptive services. We already provide for abortion services through tax dollars. Let the battle be in the hearts and minds of the mother and father.

I don't agree that schools need more contractive. I think there is enough as is. Nurses that have come out of planned Parenthood say that part of their mission is to get teenage girls started on taking pills. They know that a teenage girl can barely remember to do her homework, she's not going to remember to take the pill. Giving them a false sense of security is a big part of their business plan.

Plus I've read that teenage pregnancies are falling and teenagers are actually less sexually active than in the past! Shocking as that is.