Abortion, right or wrong

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by monstertoad101, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. monstertoad101

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    Okay, well basically I want you views on this topic. I was talking to my boyfriend yesterday and joked that I was pregnant, he knew it was a joke as I can't have children, but he replied with "you shouldn't joke about that, I've already been in that situation once before"

    So, this leads to a conversation where I find out that his ex girl-friend fell pregnant when she was 15, so had an abortion, as she felt that she was too young.

    This personally disgusts me, as, I feel that, if you want to have sex, and take the risks, you need to have the resposibility to handle being a parent. If you don't feel that yo are old enough or mature enough for a situation for this, then surely you shouldn't have sex at that age, until you are old enough to face up to the resposnibilities.

    I know that there are many other circumstances where abortion may come into action, such as if a young girl was raped, etc. In that circumstance, I feel that if the mother-to-be, can't deal with the trauma, then, abortion may the right option for them..

    I would just like your opinions please

  2. Sigurd

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    I am a firm believe that the parent should have the right, not only can they get pregnant with by someone who they didn't expect to get pregnant with (basically they get raped somewhere). I know that is a low percentage but any percentage should be taken into account and dealt with accordingly.
  3. Mirage

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