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ABCBSCNNBC ignore inconvenient news


Registered Member
In light of all the complaining about Fox News, I thought I would "flip the coin" and start a thread about the obvious (to me) bias of the other main stream media outlets. Climategate is just the most recent example that comes to mind, but there are others.

I recently found this blog and I thought that it is a good example of the left bias in many media outlets.

Seeineye's Blog abc

Any thoughts?


Son of Liberty
I agree that it shows the level of bias in the major news outlets. This isn't suprising to me in the slightest. They're all guilty of reporting or failing to report based on their biases.


it's no surprise. though medias shouldn't be biased, they actually are and they broadcast what they want in the way they want.
Here in Albania we have 2 main parties Socialists and Democrats, and all the Albanians know which media belongs to each of the main parties.
it's stupid, but it's common. so it happens the same with these news televisions.


Problematic Shitlord
Once again, it's no surprise. I think it's also quite amusing how people think that nobody is aware of media bias on the left side of the political spectrum. I think the difference in media outlets is that Fox is quite blatantly a conservative news source while other stations try to be more coy. It's why Fox gets more attention on the whole "bias" front.

On the other hand, I think it's adorable that people are adopting the term "climategate" in order to scare up more attention towards the issue.