TV ABC Family -- a little too much censoring?


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So I'm watching Bring It On right now, and it seems like ABC Family is censoring out everything. Even little words like "suck" some of the lines dont even make sense with their censoring like this:

Hey Torros, thats Right
The red, black and white
Guess what, guess what
You really suck!

censored version:
Hey Torros, thats right
The red, black, and white
Guess what, guess what
The red, black, and white

IT DOESNT EVEN MAKE SENSE ANY MORE! and there's like a delay for all of their edits. I know its a family channel, but their sensoring it way too extreme.


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You already hit the nail on the head though. Because it's labeled a family channel, they censor out pretty much everything.


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Its a generational thing. To most people in my generation, suck is an offensive word. But, to my kids and their friends, its just any other word. ABC family has a really broad range of viewers. I wouldn't be surprised to see heavier censorship on ABCFam than on cartoon network or even disney. One day, you will tell your kids, there's no way in hell they're leaving the house with that on. The same thing your grandparents and parents have said I'm sure.


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Considering I've seen them air Cruel Intentions and other racy movies, I can't believe they would censor something as ridiculous as the word "suck."


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I must have missed it. I love Bring It On and Bring It On 2. Eliza Dushku and that one cute blond chick rock.

Family Channel are bastards. You haven't seen censoring until you've seen their Sandlot 2. But that movie sucks for more reasons than censoring. I think it was even WRITTEN like that. The fact that they're probably the only one that plays it is what sucks.

In other words...

Family Channel FTL!