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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Iris, Aug 25, 2006.

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    This is a little tribute to a girl named Abby. She went to my school... Notice how I use past tense... That's right. She killed herself yesterday. I never knew her, but this was close to home. This hit me hard. The reason she had killed herself was because her step brother was molesting her and when she told her mom, she didn't believe her. How can a mother not believe her own daughter on something like that? Even if she wasn't telling the truth, it was obvious that she needed help.

    She was crying out for help, yet her mother ignored her. *Scowls.* Reminds me of someone I know. But, how could she not see that her daughter was in pain? I only know this side of the story, but until I do, I shall continue hating the mother for being an incompetent fool. It drove Abby to hang herself...

    Now, this may not be true. If it isn't, I shall edit this post with the truth. I know this may not be the right section for this thread, but I thought that maybe everyone could talk about it.

    I will try to find an article about it on Sunday. I shall be absent for the rest of the night and tomorrow.

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    It's tough when you have a friend with obvious problems who can't get them across to others. It's never easy to talk about your problems, so once someone is shouting them out like this girl apparently was, I'd say there were too many ignorant people involved.

    P.S.: If you don't mind, I'm going to change the title to something with suicide, seeing as this seems to be the topic, hope you don't mind.
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    It makes me angry when parents don't listen to their children, and because of that, drive them to do harmful things to themselves.

    When a person commits suicide, I think that a major reason is because they think that nobody cares about them. It's like... A really deep form of pessimism, where even the good things in life to them seem to have a downside. I don't think that's fair. Nobody deserves to have to feel like that.

    When the parents don't believe what their children say, that's pretty much like throwing your kid away. They are the parents' flesh and blood, the people they look up to - A parent telling their child that they don't believe what they say is like emotionally killing them.


    It's just that people always say things like, "I know how you feel," or "Don't take it personally", but those are just WORDS. Sometimes, words mean nothing to a person enduring pain. It disgusts me at the number of children in the world who are hurting... Hurting because their parents don't listen to them, their friends don't get, and nobody is willing to care about them.

    I don't know...

    I wish somebody had helped Abby.
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    This is a far more common occurrence than most people realize. My spouse was molested by her older brothers and grandfather for many years starting when she was 7. When she was finally old enough and brave enough to tell her Mom she was slapped around and told that it was her own fault for enticing them. From that day forward she fought her abusers and when she was old enough she left home at a dead run. To this day she has almost no contact with anyone in her family and they still blame her for revealing what was done to her.

    I am very sorry that the girl in your school was driven to suicide, I don't know of anything that will end the abuse or ease the pain of those abused. I am 54 years old and it still makes me cry every time I hear a story like this--and I've heard a lot of them down through the years.
  5. Herr Gestalt

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    Molestation in any situation violates deep assumed boundaries, beyond the obvious physical violation. But at a young age - and with family members - even more walls are shattered. Among family members, there are natural assumed bonds of trust, and anything that disrupts these can be heavily damaging mentally and emotionally. And for children, who are still developing their relationships with the world around them, molestation creates an intensely confusing perspective that skews both the child's perception of others and their self image.

    I can't support this with statistics, but in my personal experience and that of people I've spoken with, it seems a good number, if not the majority of children who are molested turn to self-destructive behavior later on in life.
    (I have two close friends, one who was abused by her brother and one by her father. One is now heavily addicted to a whole spectrum of drugs, and the other has struggled with serious self-mutilation for years.)

    Because this is the kind of thing that happens in silence. For a child, a parent or sibling is often the authority figure, and when that figure asserts an even stronger form of control over him or her, that authority is fueled. Therefore, "Don't tell Mommy" can last for years until some form of "revelation" occurs in which the abused child can finally come forward with what happened - or is happening. It can be immensely difficult to do so, and often this doesn't happen until the abuser is removed from the child's life in some way; divorce, death, change of roles, etc. Any signs must be heeded. It is troubling enough for anyone to seek help for something like this for so many reasons. Denying them the help and support they need can end, too many times, in suicide.
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    I just can not believe that an mother did not believe her OWN child that she was getting molested by her step-brother

    Instead She believe him..

    Her mother is gonna regret not believeing her own child that she was getting molested

    It doesnt just make you angry. But it also pisses the hell outta me..

    Even When i get pissed of..The only thing is what i think is killing myself
    But i also think..There Are some people who love and care for me..Like my family..My gf..
    And I just change my mind and after I calm down.
    I regret saying that
  7. Iris

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    I don't know if she was really molested or not. But reguardless of whether or not she was molested, the mother should have seen it as a cry for help.

    Denise-Yeah. I agree with you. I hate how parents are so ignorent and don't see that their child is in pain.

    How can people not see what is right in front of their faces? Do they not want to see it?

    (I don't mind about the title change.)

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