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AKA Ass-Bandit
Abandonware - a way of preserving older games that are in danger of being forgotten. But where do you stand on it? Do you agree with it, or do you despise it?

I've been looking at the issues surrounding Abandonware, and I have to say that it is a grey area. However I also have to say that I agree with the idea. A lot of old games arn't supported by the company anymore, and some don't accnoledge the fact that they created the game. By putting these games onto the web, they are preserved for years to come. People will be able to re-enjoy games they played as children, and future game designers can look at some old games to see what made the fun to play.

I like what the people at www.exiled-gamers.co.uk are doing - they are campaigning to get game companies to either (a) specify an online retailer where people could buy old games or download them (deviod of box, instructions, technical support or warrenty) for a fee; or (b) announce the release of their titles as freeware, allowing the free download of old clasics. Whether or not this will work or not is a different story.


I think abandonware is a good idea... after all, it's likely that if the companies refused to let there be internet releases of the games, that they would just disappear altogether, what with the fact that only a limited number were ever made. If the companies care about still making money off of them, they should set up a pay-to-download type service, which would make all other downloading illegal. As it is, I dont think there's anything wrong with downloading games that are impossible to buy...

I'm curious, what are the issues against it?


It helps preserve classic games, and really doesn't lose the companys any money cause they werent earning much of anything on it anyway, since it is so old. I have no problem with it.