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Ab Workouts


rainbow 11!
What ab workouts do you do?

I do six inch leg lifts. They kill me, but I love them.


Registered Member
I do some crunches and leg lifts. I noticed that the leg lifts tend to stretch out the abdominals and give a bit more definition.


Wanna play?
Running keeps me in pretty good shape all around.


Well-Known Member
let's see I have a really long list

running (sprints and long distance)
a coupel hundred crunches a day
6 inch leg lifts with flutter kicks and head up (having the head up really makes it hard)
quarter sit-ups (the most murderous thing you can do to your abs I'm positive of that it's not what it sounds like it is it's much much harder)
armless weighted foot stands

and I barely have a 6-pack, I do this every day without fail, except on sundays.


A Darker Knight
I have this thing I tie around my ankles that hangs me upside down from about 10 feet up on a ceiling beam. Aside from that, crunches and push ups will start working your abs if you do enough of them.


Registered Member
Hanging situps things with 2x15lb dumbells.
Crunches. Lots of crunches.
Torso rotations for obliques.
Ab bridges.
Leg lifts (hanging and on ground).
Some other things.
Squats, they work out almost your entire lower body and the core. And I use that crunch machine thing at the gym. I don't really do abs, I focus on my legs and upper body strength.


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
I do different variations of crunches and sit-ups.