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All Tony Romo had to do was put the ball down and let Martin Gramatica make a short kick. He couldn't do it -- and the Seattle Seahawks are still alive in the NFL playoffs.
Romo's botched hold on a 19-yard field goal try with 1:19 left forced the Pro Bowl quarterback to scramble left, but he was tackled at the 2 and the Seahawks escaped with a 21-20 victory in the wildest of wild-card games Saturday night.
OH MY :thump: :taz: :hang: :tush: !!!

How could you lose like that? Cowboys were actually going to advance!


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For a second now, I thought this was Hoosier's Surgery thread. Until I opened it.

And Cowboys losing this match wasn't suprising. I really imagined them losing this one.


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I am mad, they probably had the win, but he had to fumble the game, Romo must be so mad at himself right now, and he's probably blaming himself for this lost. I really wish the Cowboys won this game, I cannot stand the Seahawks.

Side Note: I doubt T.O will be back in Dallas next season.


A Darker Knight
I think he will. Jerry Jones has high hope for him, and he wants to see TO contribute more. I don't know how, but we'll see...


Dallas, the team that had the division and gave it away?

That Dallas?

All that had to happen was for other teams to get enough film on Romo and they went down like a sack of wet kittens.