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A Wonderful World


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"I do not think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains
- Anne Frank

Despite all the doom and gloom on the news every night, this is a BEAUTIFUL world, full of many wonderful sights and sounds - and people.
Open your eyes, open your heart and marvel.


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Totally cool and totally right. :D I don't get why peeps always wanna focus on the negative things. I mean hey, anyone causing issues will eventually have to stop or they'll get slammed by those issues too. If peeps keep polluting, then someday they won't be able to live anywhere that isn't polluted.

But yeah, there's still tons of epicness everywhere! :nod: I hiked all over town on my skateboard last fall taking photos of the trees. They were amazing! I picked up some strange seeds too that were as big as golf balls. I cut them open and found out they were wild lemons, wow. I didn't know lemon trees grew here but I saw the same seeds - by the same tree - last fall! And I can stand near the edge of the Grand Canyon, check out the painted forest, or listen to epic bands and watch the lasers!

Journalists can make the world sound like hell but that's not really true. There's tons of amazing things to see, do, and hear and that's what I mostly focus on.


Haters gonna hate.
It's always good to celebrate what we have in such a wonderful, beautiful world. Too many people, and the people that communicate to the world, are focusing on the negatives of the world, and not enough about the positives of the world. I pride myself in looking for the positives in people and events, and that there is always a wonderful world, or at least a wonderful meaning, behind everything that takes place in the world.