A Very Serious Thread


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I need to ask the one all consuming question that has burned in me since the day I found out what sex was. What do you guys think it would be like to have sex on the International Space Station? In my humble opinion, it would kick some ass.


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I think spinning through the air with no gravity doing the deed would rock, no gravity alone would be fun to play around I could only imagine how much fun it would be having sex.


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Larry Niven got it right when he described it in Ring World. There was some zero gravity sex going on in there, too. They seemed to be having some fun.


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Well I'm sure you could probably pay enough money to the NASA people to let them let you use their zero gravity chamber for a while lol


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And now I have to do this. This is now my dream. That, and to fill about half of a space shuttle's air with pot smoke. And see how the astronauts react.


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It would be amazing but difficult.

Amazing because you're fucking floating, man!

Difficult because there's nothing to put your back against or anything to give you that extra leverage for powerhumping.


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I would imagine that at least one of the people would have to be pinned to something and the other would need to hang on. Otherwise, you get a good pump, and someone is going flying.

Or if the chick wrapped her legs around you, it could probably work that way, but you'd still be smacking into shit.

The process would be fun as hell, though.


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I really don't care if it's fun or not. If it is fun, though, that's an added bonus. I want to do it just to say I've done it. How many people can say that? 10? Maybe less? I want to be the 11th. It will be like walking on the moon. My foot prints will never be erased. Because there is no wind in a man made zero gravity environment.