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A trip down memory lane

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The Instigator
Do you ever listen to a certain group of songs to remind you of a past time? Do the songs remind you of a certain person or event?

I'm listening to specific music right now that reminds me of someone. Usually bands make me think of certain people, not just specific songs. Blue October reminds me of my friend Shane, and taking Drivers Ed over the summer a few years ago. When I hear The Killers it makes me think of my Sophomore year when I dated this kid for a week. I think it's funny how music makes you remember so much.

Right now I'm listening to some Staind, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and David Gray. It's been quite a while.. :nod:


Well-Known Member
Yeah, certain songs definitely remind me of certain people and events. Generally singular songs rather than entire bands, but there are a couple albums.

You mentioned Blue October and their album Foiled actually reminds me of two of my really good friends from high school. Whenever we drove anywhere that would be playing. And Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill reminds me of the summer with those same girls.

Pendulum and Disturbed's first albums remind me of a guy I once knew, and then there are countless individual songs that remind me of certain people. I used to make mix CD's of those songs and listen to them when I was in 'one of those moods'
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