a texture?


well not quite big for a wall and I dont know if you can consider it a texture but whatever here it is, I was just trying to make something cool.

That's pretty cool... I really like the contrast between all the smooth curves and the cool colors and then the really rigid corners of the rectangles. Shame you didn't make it desktop size though...


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
First thing that popped into my mind was...jungle >>; Yes it does kinda look like that with the light blue squares looking like moon rays through the trees or something and the dark blue looking like night. Very cool Tan I gotta say, but y did u have to make it so small ;_; Oh well but I still do like it though lol


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That's a pretty nice looking graphic you just made there Tantheman. Good to see you show your graphicalm skills with using any pictures. Like the colors you used and the curves aswell. Good job once again Tan you always seem to impress me lol.