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A Song for...


Registered Member
--your FACE.

I'm not trained in piano (I play guitar), and I haven't sung for months, but after all the FACE time on GF I decided to record this before the home-owners (for whom I was house-sitting) came back from their trip and saw me on their out-of-tune piano. I fiddled with the keys last night to familiarize myself with how to play piano and did this today.

YouTube - ‪Your FACE‬‏

Your FACE—it’s such a FACE. It’s a disgrace, what you call your FACE.
Your FACE,
Your FACE…

Your FACE—it lost the race, the human race.
For that it got last place…last place…last place…

You see, your FACE is there when I wake. For that I shake. For that I’ll take your life…your life…your life!

Your FACE, I shall erase from the pages of time.
For no one woman, man, or child will see your FACE and be reviled anymore…


Lion Rampant
Pretty little ditty. The lyrics are almost superfluous.

But never mind that, me lad; tell me about Project Buttercup.


I ♥ Haters
Don't ya just love how it's categorized under Education?
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Lol, only Steg could make a GF FACE song actually sound good. Kudos man, kudos.


Also I didn't even know you had a youtube channel. I just watched the vegan strength one and it made me laugh. It looked SO fun tearing that shed down, but a lot of hard work as well.


Registered Member
Lol, thank you. Yeah, I haven't had enough time for the past few months to film other projects or put much up there. But I'm getting back to it slowly. lol


Sally Twit
This is the one thing that has been missing from my life. Thank you for doing this and for sharing it. You are brilliant.