A song about millz (and I guess about swiftstrike too)


Creeping On You

the ground was a rumbling
trembling and growling
off in the distance one could see a cloud of dust

the sky was growing darker
the wind was getting stronger
marking the imminent arrival of a man made of steeeeeelllll

when rolls in to town
all the women swoon and preen
hoping to catch his eye and perhaps a little more

But he ignores the attention
because his heart is set on
only one man, and his thicky and juicy memberrrrr

He's the millz machine
ya ya y aaaaaaaaaaa
And he likes to suck diick
ya ya yaaaaaaa
but not just any dick
oh ho ho hooooo
he only wants one dick
the dick of swift strrrrrike

despite all his advances
and all his attempts to flirt
swiftstrike still ignores him and looks the other way

deep down inside his soul
swift would love to get blown
by the soft and supple lives of our gay little kevin

but their love cannot be
for despite all theyre sexiness
swift strike and millz are two opposing forces

its a sad sad life for him
loving the only man he can never have
I guess he'll just have to settle for getting blown by dirty hookerssssss


Creeping On You
yah, good cover. millz, you're so far in the closet, you're finding that toy whistle you're mom forgot to wrap back in christmas 92!